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Rocky Economic times ahead..

The year starts gloomy from an economic perspective. Find out more here. 


The PM & Nicola Sturgeon talk about Devolution, a topic everyone in year 9 and upwards have covered in their Citizenship lessons. See the latest news here.

 sturgeon & PM

UK Floods

Have a look at how UK Floods are effecting large areas of the northwest here. 


Rush to war?

As politicians debate and discuss bombing ISIS in Syria there are lots of opinions being explored. Have a look at the latest updates from both the Labour Party and the Conservative Party here.

Air Strikes?

In the wake of the Paris attacks and Belgium on high alert, Europe is poised and on edge.. How will the Commons respond to David Cameron’s appeal for strikes.. read the arguments from The Day here. 

Paris Attacks

Want to know the facts and get a clear run down on what happened, have a look at the BBC news website here. 

paris peace

How are we responding here in the UK? Find out here. 

The Europe Question

Will David Cameron get the EU reforms he so desperately wants?

Listen to his latest speech here. 

A historical tradition or out of date..

The Australian President has claimed Dukes and Knights are out of date.. is this a tradition we should do away with, explore ideas here..

China’s state visit

As the UK prepares for a Chinese state visit read about some of the issues important to the Prince William, which he wishes to raise with China’s president.

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Black History Month

To celebrate Black History Month this week’s news link looks back at the life of Rosa Parks with some reflections from Barack Obama.