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News Corner

The latest on the budget

Explore what the government have said about giving money for new schools here. 

Oscar mess up

Find out all the details about the Oscar mess up here. 

Cuts to the NHS

Explore the latest on the cuts to public services here. 

People make their voices heard..

Here in the UK the population is voicing its concerns about Donald Trump via a petition.. Find out more here. 

Response to Trump..

How did the world react to Trump taking power, find out more here. 

A focus on mental health

Explore how the PM wants to overhaul mental health service here. 

Latest in Aleppo

Find out about the latest for people living and escaping Aleppo here. 

Brexit appeal continues

Follow the latest updates here. 

UKIP has a new leader…

Find out more about UKIP’s newest leader here.. how long will he stay in the job?

Trump state visit

The UK is considering a Trump state visit, find out more here.