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News Corner

Clamp down on gender stereotypes

There is lots of talk about the gender pay gap at the moment and gender stereotypes, explore this article considering banning gender stereotypical adverts. Find out more here from Channel 4 News.

Iraq War

Tony Blair wasn’t straight with us.. old news or something new, find out more here. 

Latest update on the London Fire

Find out how Theresa May has responded to the Grenfell Tower disaster here. 


Cyber Attack

Read all the lastest updates on Friday’s Cyber attack and how it affect countries around the world… here. 

French Presidential Race

Explore the latest details on the French Presidential elections here. How did the mainstream parties get knocked out? What is happening? We have candidates from the opposite ends of the political spectrum, what will happen?

London Attacks..

Follow the latest updates here. 

Second Scottish Referendum

The SNP leader has said she will call for a second Scottish referendum, find out the latest here. 

The latest on the budget

Explore what the government have said about giving money for new schools here. 

Oscar mess up

Find out all the details about the Oscar mess up here. 

Cuts to the NHS

Explore the latest on the cuts to public services here.