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Youth Cabinet #TalkYouth Conference

A group of students from yr 7-13 took part in the Annual Youth Cabinet conference this year – Let’s Talk Youth Conference, focusing on Democracy and Politics. Here is Hedye from yr 8 reflecting on the day.

youth cabinet photo

I really enjoyed going to the Trafford Youth Cabinet Conference on Friday November 27th. I had never experienced anything like it. It helped me to understand how politics ACTUALLY affects me and i got a better understanding of ways to make my voice heard in society as a youth. My favourite part of the day was the panel debate. The questions raised by other students intrigued me and the answers interested me even more. A skill i learnt, was how to write a political campaign speech. I really enjoyed this trip and would like to go again. 
Many of our students were part of the organising team  – Trafford Youth Cabinet. A huge well done to all involved.  See twitter for pictures.
traffrod youth cabinet

A round up of last week

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here at the AGGS Citizenship department. Here’s a quick round up of what has been going on…

Yr 9 Money Charity Talk

money charity 2

Last week year 9 enjoyed Philippa from the Money Charity sharing about the importance of good money management. Pupils learnt about Tax thresholds and where our taxes go to as well as household budgets and needs and luxuries.  Thank you to Philippa and the Money Charity for seven fab workshops.

money charity 1

Politics Careers Speakers

The last week year 12 have enjoyed careers fortnight. To help engage students in careers in politics we organised x2 sets of speakers to come in.

We had Sean Anstey, the Conservative leader of Trafford Council speaking at the Politics society and Tom Ross and Jane Braugh, both Labour councillors, speaking to students the following week. It was great to see students engaged in local issues and debating things that matter to them.

Thank you to our speakers for coming in.

ESU Talking Day


Last Wednesday saw a number of students from year 11, 12 & 13 engage in the English Speaking Union Talking Day. This event was hosted here at AGGS where we welcomed members of the Humanist Society, Three Faiths Forum, Girl Guides and AGGS students to debate: Should Parliament be more diverse?

This was a preparation event for the ESU House of Lords debate on this subject. Alice Bruce has been selected to speak at the event formally with other opportunities for all girls to engage in the debate on 4th Dec in the House of Lords. We are very excited to be part of this event.

Thank you to the ESU for organising.


Paris Attacks

Want to know the facts and get a clear run down on what happened, have a look at the BBC news website here. 

paris peace

How are we responding here in the UK? Find out here. 

What’s been going on in Citizenship?

The last week has seen some exciting things happening for the Citizenship department.

Weds 4th Nov – Malala Film Screening

malala 1

The GCSE Citizenship group went to see the new Malala film with Into Film. The girls witnessed a live Q & A hosted by Emma Watson with questions they, and other young people from around the country,  had submitted in advance. Malala spoke about her experiences at school here in the UK, the importance of education and why she is a feminist. The girls and Mrs. Bowyer thoroughly enjoyed the film and recommend girls in other years to go and see this important exploration of girls right to an education.

malala 2

Thurs 4th Nov 

High Sherriff Visit


Jade Radcliffe & Olivia Nono were congratulated today for the money they raised for the Human Trafficking prevention charity, SAFE. The money was raised by ticket sales from the 2015 Year 11 prom and the prom committee chose to give this money to SAFE. The girls were met and congratulated by Great Manchester’s High Sheriff, Sharman Birtles. Jade and staff at AGGS have been involved with SAFE since the 2013 Year 9 Youth & Philanthropy Initiative project and have worked tirelessly to help create an Education pack which is now being piloted across the North West, to help protect vulnerable young people from trafficking. We have had the pleasure of presenting to the UN Women and look forward to further fundraising and collaborative work with the charity in the future. A huge well done to the girls for their incredible support of this very worthwhile cause.  Ms Gill Principle of AGGS said, “I was very proud today to hear how instrumental our staff and students have been in the last few years in reshaping SAFE’s work in tackling this important issue. I would like to thank the High Sheriff, Sharman Birtles and John CEO of SAFE, for taking the time to come to school to congratulate Jade, Olivia and Mrs Bowyer for all they have done. We really appreciated it.”

School Council results are in…

First some pics from the vote…

counting vorescounting votes 1

Results are in, the new School Council Reps for 2015-2016 are:

Year 7:

7-1: Libby Collins & Rania Nadeem

7-2: Kitty Diffley & Michelle Rana

7-3: Annabelle & Sarah

7-4: Ramina Radmard & Lavanya Rajendran

7-5: Lois Haworth & Sophie Evans

7-6: Malakia & Rose

7-7: Mila Rontree & Ellie Tongue


Year 8:

8-1: Shreya Doddi & Hafsah Kashif

8-2: Aaditi Agrawal & Amber Thoms

8-3: Millie & Aisha

8-4: Ahona Banerjee & Raavi Sharma

8-5: Cara Firzgerald & Hermoine Aspinall

8-6: Emma & Catherine

8-7: Lucy Bishop & Hrisha Vaiwala


Year 9:

9-1: Zona Ismail & Sanjhana Sivakumar

9-2: Liv Harris & Phoebe Sullivan Jones

9-3: Oliva Nyunt & Maddie Harris

9-4: Holly Morris & Annie Hayton

9-5: Charlotte Wykes & Aisling Reid

9-6: Marnie England & Lucy Cotterrel

9-7: Areeba Gul & Charlotte Bale


Year 10:

10-1: Zahra Khan & Lucy Leaver

10-2: Amy Bass & Alice Gamble

10-3: Christiane Mcguire & Fiona Sawyer

10-4: Alizah Hamid & Emily Robinson

10-5: Maddie Langford & Charlie Barrowcliffe

10-6: Sowmya & Dania


Year 11

11-1: Erin Pollard & Alycia Anwar

11-2: Imogen Wolstencroft & Florence Hobbs

11-3: Celine Barclay & Katie Helsby

11-4: Ruth O’Hare & Genieve Isherwood

11-5: Daria Radmard & Lea Levi

11-6: Lybah Haider & Beth Armitage

Important notices for School Council reps:

School Council Rep training is on Tues 20th Oct for year 7 -11 council reps in the Hall period 1 & 2. Please arrive after registration at 9.05am.

Meetings will start AFTER HALF TERM – Starting the week beginning Monday 2nd Nov in the glass box in the Library during form time. You do not need to register with your form tutor, I will register you.

Mondays: Year 7 & Year 8

Tuesdays: Year 9

Weds: Exec ( reps tbc)

Thursday: Year 11

Friday: Year 10

What have you been up to? – politics peer teaching

Girls in year 9 have been helping year 8 pupils learn more about Politics. Here at AGGS we have a spiral curriculum whereby students build on their learning every year and we especially do this with politics. Political education and engagement is important here at AGGS.

To help year 8s get their heads around all the political figures and processes year 9 created games to showcase what they had learnt about politics and help the year 8 pupils learn themselves.

Here are just some of the creative and fantastic games that were made:

Political Monopoly

games 1

games 2

games 3



Political Uno: games 4

A whole set of cards using current political figures to play snap with. games 5