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Look beyond the imperfections..

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Year 9 are exploring and considering reasons young people may self harm and considering some of the different coping mechanisms young people may use.  Mind’s website has lots of info looking at coping strategies for stress and anxiety. See the PSHE & Citizenship room for leaflets and help with self harm.


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What’s been going on in Citizenship?

The last week has seen some exciting things happening for the Citizenship department.

Weds 4th Nov – Malala Film Screening

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The GCSE Citizenship group went to see the new Malala film with Into Film. The girls witnessed a live Q & A hosted by Emma Watson with questions they, and other young people from around the country,  had submitted in advance. Malala spoke about her experiences at school here in the UK, the importance of education and why she is a feminist. The girls and Mrs. Bowyer thoroughly enjoyed the film and recommend girls in other years to go and see this important exploration of girls right to an education.

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Thurs 4th Nov 

High Sherriff Visit


Jade Radcliffe & Olivia Nono were congratulated today for the money they raised for the Human Trafficking prevention charity, SAFE. The money was raised by ticket sales from the 2015 Year 11 prom and the prom committee chose to give this money to SAFE. The girls were met and congratulated by Great Manchester’s High Sheriff, Sharman Birtles. Jade and staff at AGGS have been involved with SAFE since the 2013 Year 9 Youth & Philanthropy Initiative project and have worked tirelessly to help create an Education pack which is now being piloted across the North West, to help protect vulnerable young people from trafficking. We have had the pleasure of presenting to the UN Women and look forward to further fundraising and collaborative work with the charity in the future. A huge well done to the girls for their incredible support of this very worthwhile cause.  Ms Gill Principle of AGGS said, “I was very proud today to hear how instrumental our staff and students have been in the last few years in reshaping SAFE’s work in tackling this important issue. I would like to thank the High Sheriff, Sharman Birtles and John CEO of SAFE, for taking the time to come to school to congratulate Jade, Olivia and Mrs Bowyer for all they have done. We really appreciated it.”

Be Kind

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Be who you want to be

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Be you

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Black History Month

To celebrate Black History Month this week’s news link looks back at the life of Rosa Parks with some reflections from Barack Obama.

School Council Elections Weds 14th Oct

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Speeches have been made and ballot papers are being created.. It’s that time of year again… School Council elections will take place this week in the dining hall on Weds. Girls will use local authority ballot boxes to make their choices, choosing one candidate to mark on their ballot paper. The two candidates with the most votes will win.

The time slots for voting are:

yr 7: 8.35-8.45

yr8: 8.45-8.50

yr9: 8.50-8.55

yr10: 8.55-9.00am

Year 11 will vote in their form rooms due to assembly. Results will be announced in school on Thursday. Good luck to all candidates.

The importance of educating girls

It’s a fact that education betters the life choices and helps all people to live a safe life. The education of women is high on the global political agenda. See the following article for reflections on why girls education is so important as prominent women met to raise this important issue.

The importance of educating girls

Spread a little kindness