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How snow effects the USA

How is the east coast of America dealing with the snow? Find out more here.


Corruption in Sport

More allegations of corruption in sport, this time in Tennis, is the sports world trustworthy anymore? Decide after you have read the article here. 

Cologne Attacks

Explore how migration has negatively affected a community here. 

Rocky Economic times ahead..

The year starts gloomy from an economic perspective. Find out more here. 

Some Lives

A thought provoking quote for this week.. A philosophical idea you could discuss with your forms:

some lives

100 Women

What does mean to “be a good girl” as part of the BBCs 100 women series have a look at these short videos, which explore being a girl in a range of countries around the world.

100 women

Rush to war?

As politicians debate and discuss bombing ISIS in Syria there are lots of opinions being explored. Have a look at the latest updates from both the Labour Party and the Conservative Party here.

Air Strikes?

In the wake of the Paris attacks and Belgium on high alert, Europe is poised and on edge.. How will the Commons respond to David Cameron’s appeal for strikes.. read the arguments from The Day here. 


peace quote

Paris Attacks

Want to know the facts and get a clear run down on what happened, have a look at the BBC news website here. 

paris peace

How are we responding here in the UK? Find out here.