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Being planted

Terrorist Attack on Music Concert

Find out the latest on the Las Vegas terrorist attack here. 

German Election- some surprises…

Explore a range of articles about the German election here. 

Watering places

London Tube Bombing

Find out the latest updates on the London tube bombings here. 

Succeed whatever your start

Hurricane devastation

Find out more about the devastation caused by hurricane Irma here on the Channel 4 news website.

Smartphone and your mental health

Check out this link… how are smartphones affecting your mental health?

Staying positive about the year ahead..


Perhaps you have your own tips.. why not encourage a friend and share this list and your ideas with them.

Keep Calm and welcome back


A big welcome back to school to all of the AGGS students this academic year. Remember there are lots of hints and tips for staying healthy and positive this year in Rm 13, come along and check out the leaflet area for more ideas.