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We have arrived at the airport and are all checked in. Just waiting to board at around 21:20, departing at 21:50 – Greece time.

We are still scheduled to land at 23:55 – English time. If this changes before we depart, I’ll try and let you know.

Track the flight: EZY1942

Day 2 – Olympia

Student entry/reflection…

We began our day by forcing ourselves out of bed to freezing cold rooms, having left the air con on all night.

After we got out of bed, we went and had breakfast downstairs. We then packed our suitcases and said ‘cheerio’ to Delphi! After an eventful, long and scenic coach ride, we arrived at Olympia.

Once we were there, we had a buffet lunch at the Touris Club, full of delicious food, where 9 students managed to eat 100 watermelons! We then departed to our hotel. After checking in, we went to the fascinating museum, we saw many artefacts, statues and cats! We walked to the ruins of ancient Olympia and there was many wrecked buildings, such as the Temple Of Zeus. We even saw the Olympic Stadium and quite a few people ran races!

Returning to the hotel, we went and swam for half an hour, which was very refreshing!

We had some scrumptious dinner on the hotel rooftop with an amazing view.

We had time to buy some souvenirs at the local shops, and then had a sublime ice cream! We then walked back to the hotel to get some sleep for an early morning the next day.

It is a very early start for the final day touring Athens!

Day 1 – Delphi

We have had a great first day in Greece! Everybody is in high spirts as we begin to get ready for bed.

Setting off from Athens for a 3 hour coach ride this morning, on arrival we had the opportunity to explore what was once considered the centre of the Earth, at the Archaeological ruins – we saw evidence of the temple, stadium and altar. We then saw some artefacts first hand at the museum.

After lots of food at lunch it was time for some free time to explore the local area and a well earned rest/shower.

After more food, it is clear the Greeks like to eat a lot. Teams were challenged to take the best selfie – each team was a awarded a winner.

Lights out at 11 ready for another day jam packed day tomorrow.

Good Morning!

After a good night’s sleep we are up!

We have had breakfast, lots of chocolate spread was consumed!

We are about to depart for Delphi.


We have landed safely at Athens airport.

Onto the coach and to the hotel.

We will be having an evening meal and then lights out in preparation for a jam-packed day tomorrow, in Delphi.

Day 2: 7.1&7.5

Day 2

Another fun filled day! The rain poured all night ensuring that those of us scrambling the freezing streams were able to swim in the various rapids! Laughter rang throughout the hills as groups took to strolling the locality, enjoying the panoramic views. The mines also flooded for today’s climbing activity so all feet had a nice cold soaking. That said, no amount of water could dampen the spirits of our students or staff who thoroughly enjoyed each moment.

The tuck shop is about to open and the hot chocolate is ready. The staff are hopeful that students will sleep well after the action packed day enjoyed by all.

Bring on our last activity tomorrow.


Day 1 – Trip 1: 7.1&7.5

7.1 & 7.5 both arrived safely. 

After a quick lunch it was straight into an afternoon of activities. Students either scrambled up a very cold ghyll, went climbing in the mine, took in the breath taking scenary of the Keswick hills or accepted the challenege of the indoor climbing wall. Everybody had a great afternoon, despite the rain and chilly temperatures (especially in the ghyll). 

Dinner was well received, dessert even more so! Options included chicken and chips, spaghetti or goats cheese. Sticky toffee pudding, ice-cream or chocolate mouse were the options for pudding. 

The evening was spent building an orange roll tower, with Group 3 being crowned champions! After hot chocolate, it was off to bed for a well earned sleep, before a jam-packed day 2.

We Survived! 

Journey Update 

We have landed safely in London and are enroute back to Mancester. Please contact your child for updates. 

Day 5 – Last Day in Cambodia 

The second day we spent in Cambodia kicked off with a 6 hour sight seeing road trip to Pnohm Penh – the Capital City of Cambodia. The trip began with a coach full of sleepy girls, however we stopped off at a beautiful service shop with a spectacular view. 
After this, Kien and our trusty driver dropped us at a market packed with snacks such as cooked tarantula and scorpions. A new experience so to speak! 
Our final road trip stop off was the independence monument where we took a couple of snazzy pictures. The lovely Kien then said his goodbyes and we were greeted with our final tour guide, Mrs Thiday.
When we reached Pnohm Penh we first visited the Royal Palace, which could have been one of the most beautiful palaces we visited in the trip. The views were spectacular and the history was explained thoroughly my lovely Mrs Thiday. 
Secondly, we visited the silver palace (which is really made of concrete as Mrs Thiday explained) and Wat Pnohm. Some beautiful scenes greeted us at these sites including a gorgeous Buddhist greenery area. 
We travelled to our final hotel and freshened up for our meal which we spent on the stunning titanic restaurant in which we ate a delicious meal, accompanied by several kittens. A lovely day overall. 
Gemma, Year 11