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Outstanding Year 8 Research Pages…

Some wonderful Andrea Joseph research pages being handed in this week….simply stunning. The detail on these biro trainers is outstanding. Well done.

Parissa A and Nawaira S in year 8.

Year 7 Artwork of the Week…

Love this little watercolour wax resist by Rishika. Great colour choices and delicate application of marks. Well done!

Yellena James Project

I am just marking the year 7s Yellena James project. Amattoullah’s is beautiful. So much skill and mature compositions, well done!

Sweets, treats and food…

The year 9 exam project is well under way and I am really pleased with the outcomes being produced. Creative, fun and skilled drawings are being developed…well done Year 9!

Year 8 Andrea Joseph Critical Studies

Beautiful works by Evie and Imogen in my year 8 class.

Year 9 Fashion

Beautiful examples of this years fashion project.

Year 7 Floral Blooms

I have discovered some beautiful drawings whilst sorting the drawers of 7-3. Well done, these look fantastic!

Lovely Front Cover Design from Year 8

Year 8 Birds

Some students go above and beyond whats expected and this student is a perfect example of this….truly stunning work. Beautiful, well done!

Year 10 Homework Examples..

Year 10 were asked to complete a six box composition inspired by their natural forms theme. They used a variety of different media to achieve this. A set of very pleasing outcomes. Some are still works in progress. Great work!