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UKYP Elections

On Monday 2nd March, students from year 7-13 voted for Trafford’s next MYP – Member of Youth Parliament. We had three students from AGGS running; Lauren Barclay, Marike Ruther and Hannah Sharp. We will keep you posted with the names of the winners.

This is a wonderful opportunity for young people to participate in democracy. The candidates have made videos which students have either watched in assembly or in form time.

Charity Presentation winners

Huge congratulations to pupils in 9-3 for winning the £1,000 grant this year for the charity David Lewis. The winning team comprised  Hattie B, Rosie K, Christiane M, Katrina M and Tayiba S. David Lewis assists people with a range of learning difficulties and the girls went and visited the charity and created a very moving presentation about what they found out. The group went above and beyond in their presentation, especially Tayiba who wrote and sang a song about people with learning difficulties. We will shortly be arranging a cheque presentation with the charity.

The whole of year 9 has  undertaken the charity project and visited a whole host of charities in the last few months. Well done to all the finalists and to all of year 9 for the hard work and effort they have made for organisations across the Greater Manchester area. Please do continue your contact with all the worthy causes you have made contact with. Year 9 joined together last Thursday to watch the finalists from each form group and they were all awarded a certificate for their efforts over the last few months.

Maths Hub NW1

Maths Hub NW1

Christmas 2014 Art work

Christmas Concert 2014 art work by ..

Art Exhibition June 2014

Art-y13-2014-4 Art-y13-2014-3 Art-y13-2014-2 Art-y13-2014-1

Year 13 leavers last lesson


Pupil Presentations/Self Assessment

Many thanks to Niamh Devlin who has forwarded this week’s teaching tip which is a useful resource for pupils to use to reflect upon their performance in an individual or group presentation. This can easily be used/adapted to suit any subject area. Presentation Self-Assessment

Pass the Parcel

Many thanks to Linda for this week’s teaching tip.

Following the conventional pass the parcel procedures, girls unwrap the parcel and receive a subject related question to answer, this may also include a small prize!!

This can also be done with Russian dolls and saves on wrapping paper!