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Goodbye Year 11s!

On the 12th May, year 11 school councillors will be going on study leave and passing the blog over to year 10 members. Good luck to everyone taking their exams and goodbye!

How to combat your sugar cravings in exams:

During exams, we all know how we crave unhealthy snacks when revising. Here are some great alternatives that you could try! But, don’t forget to treat yourself once in a while!

  1. Smoothies – they contain a lot of natural sugar but do not have processed ingredients within them. They also contain vitamins and minerals which will help aid your immune system. Recipe: frozen raspberries, mango, coconut milk, water, yoghurt, chia seeds and strawberries!
  2. Bread sticks- try with hummus or guacamole
  3. Fruit- as it is easily snackable and good for you
  4. Frozen grapes- Put some grapes in the freezer overnight and in the morning snack on. They taste like ice-lollies but are a healthy option.
  5. Homemade flapjacks with honey. Look on BBC good food for a great recipe.

Good luck in all your exams! 🙂

Media of the Week

From all year 11 school council members, we strongly recommend CGP revision guides in the lead up to GCSE exams. These great books contain useful revision material for a variety of subjects, and hilarious jokes. They are guaranteed to keep you reading for hours!

An anonymous year 11 says: ‘CGP books have made my revision so much easier! All the notes I need in one handy book! Thank you CGP!’

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Government cuts to minority sport funding for Tokyo 2020

The Government has significantly cut many minority sport’s funding, resulting in lack of facilities and equipment which may reduce medal chances and participation. For Tokyo 2020 the total sports budget is £345,279,427 many of this coming from the national lottery. Currently the Olympic funding is £265,145,887 but the Paralympic funding is only £70,883,540 even though more specialist equipment is needed. The sports that have been affected by the cut, are badminton (a popular sport for many here), rowing, modern pentathlon, archery, fencing, table tennis, weight lifting, goal ball, wheelchair rugby. Even cycling which is not deemed to be a minority sport has had its budget cut by over £4 million even after great success at Rio.

Badminton had its funding cut from £7.4m to £5.9m after London 2012, after no players managed the minimum fourth-to-eighth-placed finish that had been targeted. Yet despite the surprise success of Ellis and Langridge, the sport will not get a slice of the £345m of national lottery and government funding which UK Sport has announced will be invested over the next four years.


Successful SDLs Interviews!

This week, SDLs have been interviewing passionate and enthusiastic pupils from Year 7-9 and we have successfully found our new set of SDLs!

The new SDLs will be taking over the current roles of Year 13 and 11 members such as helping out with the blog. Look out for the new members and also ask them for help if needed in the IT rooms at lunch! We hope the meetings will be just as exciting and that the new members will have some fresh ideas to bring to each meeting!

In the meantime, good luck for all those taking exams or getting ready to go on study leave.

Inspiring Women: International Women’s Day

On the 8th of March we celebrated International women’s day. During the careers convention in the evening, some stalls such as engineering and RVC, Willmott Dixon, Mott McDonald, Horticulture and Ecology had all female representatives, showing how female empowerment has increased greatly in the work place.

IWD was first observed on the 28th February 1909 in the US and has been a celebrated day ever since across the world. The day is focused on celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women globally which is something we greatly encourage every day in our own school.

Who is your female role model?

Emma Watson: Emma Watson begun a campaign called ”heforshe” promoting feminism.

Another famous inspirational woman is Michelle Obama.

“There are still many causes worth sacrificing for, so much history yet to be made.” – Michelle Obama (1964)

Welcome To The New Blog…

Welcome back to the new joint blog run by both SDLs and School Council!

 The Pupil Voice blog encourages students to have their say through 2 main areas:

  • Media Review of the Week- Email us a review about your favourite film, book or TV show and we will create a blog post featuring your review
  • External News- We will post articles and stories regarding news outside of school. If you have found an interesting article or are passionate about a certain topic, Email a short summary which we can expand on and publish!

Our Email:

We will also be posting regularly about events in school so remember to check the Pupil Voice Blog to see articles on new and exciting events!

School Council x

The AGGS Blog run by SDLs will still regularly be posting articles and events in school and interviews with teachers so make sure to check back!


Sorry Box

A fresh start…

Traditionally at the start of a new year, we make resolutions about how we can change our life for the better. We would like to give everyone an opportunity to start 2017 in a positive way with one another.

Have you fallen out with someone or had an argument that has not been resolved with a friend? Anti bullying ambassadors have come up with an idea to post messages to a friend and it is called the ‘Sorry Box’.

This is how it works:

  • Write down what you would like to say
  • Sign you name
  • Address the envelope with the name of the person and your name on the back
  • Post the envelope into the private post box outside the medical room
  • The anti bullying ambassadors will deliver it on your behalf


Keep it positive – this should not be a way of pursuing an argument or any ill feeling. The purpose is to rebuild a friendship.

Letters will not be delivered if your name isn’t visible on the outside as this will be used as evidence of posting so it can be tracked.

If you receive a letter/card that is not appropriate please report this immediately to Miss Wright.

We hope the Sorry Box will help resolve arguments and mend friendships. 🙂


This year, AGGS has welcomed many new staff members! The Year 11s interviewed the new librarian, Mrs Hodgson (thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule). Here is the result!

How are you finding life here at AGGS? 

It is very hectic here but I love it already. This is my dream job!

Why did you want to become a librarian?

I wanted to work in libraries because I love books and reading. I started out in university libraries but there is much more fun to be had in schools!

Have you made any new friends?

The staff here are very welcoming so yes. Also my team of librarians have been a great help.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

I lived in China for a year as part of my degree course.

What A-Levels did you take?

English literature, French, German and General Studies. I found my A-Levels the hardest stretch if my academic life. It’s tough but worth the effort.

Do you have any advice for AGGS students?

Be kind to yourself and be kind to others. Know that you will always get a second chance and that you can change the world!

Thank you to Mrs Hodgson!

Anti Bullying Week Update 2016

The theme ‘Power for Good’ is being promoted throughout the school week. Anti bullying Ambassadors have given assemblies to all year groups about how we can all make a change and create a friendly school environment.

We have recommended teachers to plan out activities for their form that help build teamwork skills. Anti bullying ambassadors will be visiting their Year 7 forms and playing games that require concentration and of course, they will be fun!

Teachers have also been asked t switch up seating plans so students can talk to other people they might not usually have conversations with.

We also recommend complimenting people this week, even a smile can brighten up someone’s day!

A message from the Anti bullying team x