Thought for the Week

We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.

English Magazine – The Green Light

CRICKET starts this week

Our ECB coach Toby is back in this week to teach the students cricket ready for the up and coming cricket season. Whether you have played before or not come along and try it out. Sessions are open to all year 7s, 8s and 9s.

Where : Devisdale Astro

When : Tuesday Lunch times 12:30 – 1:15pm

What to bring: trainers and packed lunch

See Mrs Hardicre for more details.


Thought for the Week

Unity is power; without unity women cannot fight for their rights anywhere.

(Nawal El Saadaui)

Go Fest North

External Event: GoFest is a unique large scale Family Festival of Sport, Dance, Health & Fitness.
Take a peek at GoFest South 2017 highlights as well as the Northern launch: GoFest 2017 North – Manchester.

£3,040 Raised on Charity Day

AGGS raised an amazing £3,040 on Charity Day. Thank you all for  your support and hard work.

The Charity Committee will be donating this money  to Human care – Syria, The Mustard Tree -Manchester, Healing Hearts as well as sponsoring  Muhammad Zakria, a Pakistani orphan whom we have supported for over four years.

So far this year the Charity Committee have helped to raise £5,830.

Students raise £500 carol singing in Altrincham for St Annes’ Hospice

Continuing from the previous post about the group of Y12 students who sang for charity just before Christmas, see is the response of the St. Annes’ Hospice volunteer coordinator:

I would just like to inform you about the fantastic charity work that was carried out by a number of your pupils, Flora W and some of her friends voluntarily came to sing carols on Friday 22nd December at Starbucks in Altrincham during their lunch time to help raise money for St Ann’s Hospice.
They were absolutely brilliant and very professional too! They helped us raise a brilliant total of £500.00 that afternoon and they really were fantastic and an asset to your school.

Well done to Flora and her team!

Time To Fly – Nishi U 8-7

Heavy heart, thumps like a drum,

Tightly clenched; four fingers, one thumb;

Beads of sweat trickle down like falls,

Ominous winds shadow me like walls.


Yet I know I must go on.

To find myself; but I look upon

The winding paths ahead of me.

I shy away, but something tells me


This is the way, I’m soon to see

How this brand new route will help me.

I’ll love, I’ll laugh, and I’ll be proved wrong.

It’s new, it’s a challenge, but I’ll stay strong.


A new beginning is calling to me,

Across seven lands and seven seas.

A life of adventure, but as I depart,

I feel a sadness in my heart.


For deep within me, I’ll always know

When I leave home I will feel sorrow.

But my old life is never lost forever:

So in my new one, I shall endeavour.

Changes – A Poem by Lucy W 9-4

The moon is smudged,
Like a jewel on blotting paper,
And the rushing sky
Riven with cloud so it mirrors the sea,
Is the blood of a fractured pen,
There’s music which soundtracks your departure
But the rippling rhythm is not enough to settle the riff in your stomach.
Phantom headlights ignore you as they pass
And you can’t help but look over your shoulder
at the chasing memories
But they’re fading fast on the unheeding horizon,
The road ahead is unfathomable,
Your parents won’t take your eyes from it,
you begrudge their insolence,
Their torrential downpour,
The view from the windscreen is beautiful,
How rude,
How spiteful of it to be so vivid,
So vibrant,
Compared to the back,
You never see the hopeful looks
Or inspiring countenance of the stage,
The sky is too blue
Though it’s the same as the one you’ve always been under,
The road is too long
Though you had to take it to get to the start,
The front is too big,
Too different,
And it changes.

Until Death Do Us Part – Anisha M 10-7

It was after curfew. I knew they would shoot if they saw me. Knew, but didn’t understand. I only understood one thing: I would save her. Against the wilting world of weeds because she was a blossom worth saving.
Yet, here I am, the walls tightly packed as the alley was when they captured me. Slim body still shrunk and waves of shivers drowning my petals.
A better world, a new beginning, a revolution. It will start today. With me.
Then the inevitable finally arrives. Echoing off the walls like the dreaded shackles of a prisoner. Footsteps.
It has been a while since I had heard the marching that distinctly. That was when I was vulnerable. A coward.
Pain and grief heave my heart, slowing it down.
My world used to fit together like a king and his crown. It didn’t last long…but it was strong. It’s only a matter of time until I tear his world down,too.
Blood red uniformed soldiers were just as I remembered. Motionless machines following orders. My path out becomes barricaded, and this time…I’m ready.
But, as my shoulders square and  I swing out the cell, my heart falters as I look around with scorn. How many times do I have to only look around me to reveal poverty – stricken cobbled alleys. How many times do I have to witness innocents begging their innocence but get dragged away, brutally slaughtered like nothing but a shrimp to a shark? How many times can I stand by and helplessly watch his murderous eyes shine with glee? I can’t.
I won’t.
It’s time to pull the trigger. With the dictator bound between ropes I scowl, focusing all my energy towards him.
These robots, were easy to control. In fact, I didn’t even have to do much. Just…end this. Once and for all.
Searing hatreds, soaring passions, burning secrets, darkest mysteries… Everything I have ever had, everything I have, everything I will have and everyone I have lost. A current, so intense it threatens pull me in, channels towards him. Pulsating, palpitating, pinching yet pacifying. My mind flows with the energy, entangling me in the roaring calmness and I idly drift towards the dictator. Captivating the dictator in this thirst-filled  power. Faster and faster. Tighter and tighter.
I don’t stop until his eyes fade. Despite his brutality, I still feel guilty. It has to be done. I told myself over and over again.
Then she comes in, my mother, her face, still shining but blooming with surprise. She looks towards me, towards the corpse of a  king, dictator, then back again.
My mother  races towards me “Years ago I was in hiding” she gulps, eyes shimmering with tears begging to be released. “I… took you. I thought I was protecting you, but the dictator realised you were missing… he tried to eliminate everyone similar to you. She clears her throat and answers my confused look in a meek, regretful whisper. “You’re the dictator’s daughter”.
Her tears break, becoming shards of broken bottle and my heart’s anger and determination shatters too.
Then I remembered, remembered why he murdered. For me.
I thought it was fueled by my father’s anger, but I was wrong. It’s the dictator’s anger. And the same anger that murdered the innocent. The vulnerable.
He’s no father of mine.
For the second time today, my heart tightens, contracting without beating. Gripping my throat and leaving me breathless.
Cries choke out of my own strangled throat; but the tears don’t come. “I was the first one to know, but I didn’t tell anyone,” she weeps. Now I understood. She’s wasn’t my real mother. But now… I love her more than ever.
I bite my lip and sigh, joining her in a tight embrace: those that are gone, are gone. Those that are here, are here.
So I let go. All my sorrows and hatreds crumble, the wall I built around myself falls. The floor I was trapped under, crashes.
My heart can open.
And I’m free.