It was such a refreshing change to see a year 9 choose a male fashion outfit to draw for our fashion project. Excellent detail, confident style and so much detail has been achieved. Well done Maddy!


The U14 and U13 ‘B’ teams with a little help from one or two ‘A’ teamers played against Lymm High School ‘A’ teams instead of their usual practice on a Tuesday after school.

The U14 team won 3-0 and the U13 team drew 0-0.

It was a lovely warm and dry evening and the girls played well and enjoyed their games.

Well done everyone and thank you to the three U14 ‘A’ team players who came to watch and did a bit of cheerleading!!!

U14 and U13 A/B teams


The school badminton club is up and running and going from strength to strength at Altrincham Leisure Centre.

We have so many girls who want to play that we now have had to alternate age groups each week so there is enough court space for everyone. We have 2 new coaches this year which is wonderful so we now have 4/5 coaches for the seniors (years 10-13) from 4pm – 6 pm and 4/5 for the juniors ( years 7-9) from 5pm to 6pm.

The teams are looking strong this year so we hope to do well in the National Schools’ Competition. We also have a couple of friendly matches against Alderley Edge School for Girls.

Here’s to an enjoyable season.

British Intelligence Higher Apprenticeship

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On completion, you’ll have a Foundation Degree in Cyber Security and a Level 4 Diploma in IT Professional Competence.

To join us you’ll need a strong interest in programming and technology and will either have, or will be expecting to gain three A-levels at grade C or above, or equivalent, including at least two in Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths related subjects.

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School Council You Said We did…. What we did in 2015/2016

School Council are sharing in assemblies this week about the values we as a school have created. There will be more on this in the next few weeks. Please see below all the things school council got up to last year and the changes they have made…

You Say: We Did:

We need more up to date books and resources in the library



Ran a book sale to raise money for the library.


We need some money to raise funds for things around school


We would like a say as to what happens in the canteen.


Organised a dress up day for year 7 & 8 to raise over £400 for school. This is being put towards helping improve stocks in the library.

Whole school feedback was given to the canteen about foods, things people thought were good and things that could be improved.  We are hoping to launch a food focus group this year.


The homework diary layout needs changing.

The medical room needs updating


Some changes have been made to the diary to ensure that there is an area for students to write a to do list.

Year 9 are continuing to work with the well-being ambassadors to redecorate and improve the medical room and make it into a well-being room, a space for people to have some space.


Nobody reads the code of conduct


The school council twitter page doesn’t get used.

People said the songs in assembly needed updating.


We rewrote the code of conduct and made them way more pupil friendly.

We have included more regular posts to keep students informed about what we are up to.

New songs, suggested by school council, are to be learnt this year in assembly.


There is no platform for students to share what they have done.


We have actively posted on the student voice page engaging the school and wider community in aspects of school life.


What do we stand for as a school?


Conducted a whole school values project which has culminated in the creation of AGGS school values. These will be shared and taken for staff to feedback at the beginning of the new academic year.