The weather stayed fine and year 7-10 had a great afternoon walking round the Devisdale and Denzell Gardens raising money for the school. The fancy dress theme was emojis, chosen by the PTA. The PTA also provided refreshments for the girls – thank you very much.

The girls really got into the spirit of the event as you can see below. Thank you girls.

Bronze Expedition Success!

Congratulations to the 89 year 9 pupils who recently successfully completed their qualifying expedition for their Bronze award.  The staff who accompanied you were full of praise for the behaviour and attitudes shown.  I have really enjoyed watching your presentations and hearing your stories.

Your next task is to get all of your objectives and dates onto the eDofE website so that I can confirm your success.


Year 9 pupils working as a team with navigation.
Year 9 pupils working as a team with navigation.

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The U13 Aegon tennis team won their final match against The Grange School, Hartford by 5 sets to 1.

They now join the U15 team in the knock-out stages of this National competition in September.

Well done to both teams. I don’t think we have had both teams through to this stage before. 

Being a Polling Clerk for the EU Referendum

eu ref

As many of you will know the 23rd was a historic day for the UK, the “once in a lifetime” opportunity to vote on whether we believe we should leave or remain as part of the EU. And with this day, I was once again given a brilliant opportunity- to be a Poll Clerk for the vote.
When my 5am, alarm went off I did wonder why as an 18 year old girl I had signed myself up for 16 long hours of work with no breaks but once I arrived at the station and began to set up the excitement took over the tiredness and I began to enjoy the first few hours of people arriving to vote.

Not only was the vote a hot topic of the day but also the conspiracy that pencil would be rubbed out and there vote changed was a major concern for many people.

My job for the day was pretty simple, but exciting at the same time and to be part of such a historical event was an amazing opportunity. It gave me a real in site into elections, and how they work and some of the issues on voting day. I was also able to meet many lovely people throughout the day. I even got the excitement of meeting a man whom was from Australia (a duel-citizen) and explained to me their voting as well as showing me his postal vote ballot paper which was very different to our elections- it had 41 options!

Although it was highly confidential and we could not discuss or share views, the voters passion and excitement to vote was a pleasure to witness and showed how proud people are to be able to have the opportunity and privilege to vote.

As for the result, many people aren’t happy and many people are. There has been many changes in the political world and it is difficult to say where we will move on from here but I am sure that the political world has many exciting twists and turns to come.

But I can say, as I packed up and got back into my car at 10pm I was proud to be part of a country with so many citizens whom understand the privilege to vote. And I drove home knowing I had played a part in an event that really will be a big part of our history for many generations to come.

Lauren Barclay 13-1

EU Referendum North West Tonight Debate


On the 12th June myself, Ellie and Harina (all from year 13) got the exciting opportunity to attend BBC North West tonight’s EU referendum special. Harina and myself were representing young people voting out, whilst Ellie was a strong remain advocate.

Having previously been asked to each submit 2 questions to be pre picked for the debate we arrived at media city knowing that Harina would definitely be able to grill the panel taking a stance from the out side as one of her questions had been picked. However Ellie and myself had to wait and see if we would be able to get our voices heard.

On arrival at media city we were all greeted and met the rest of the audience, a small group of people all with big opinions. We got to know a few people, and it quickly became apparent we were the only young people present- no surprise there! This only spurred us on more to be able to have our say.

After a drink and a chat we were moved into the studio, the same one in which they record Jeremy Kyle, and there we were prepped and powdered ready for our staring moment. The debate was ran by Roger Johnson from North West Tonight and the panel consisted of the following people-

Lisa Nardy, Labour MP for Wigan (Remain)
Paul Nuttall, UKIP deputy leader (Leave)
Janet Beer, University of Liverpool vice chancellor (Remain)
Nigel Evans, Conservative MP for Ribble Valley (Leave)

The NHS, education and immigration were some of liveliest areas of debate, whoever the whole debate was non-stop and in the end we ended up filming more than was fitted into the programme. However, we did all get our time to shine.

Harina’s question kicked off the whole debate and began things rolling, the audience and panel were very lively and facts and figures were flying everywhere. As Alty Girls, we all sat there patiently waiting for our chance to speak raising our hand every minute or so to get chosen.

Sadly, this tactic wasn’t the most successful and as the debate moved on we got more and more hyped up about wanting to speak and raise the issue that we as young people believed to be important.

On the last point of the debate my yellow cardigan finally got me noticed and I was able to give my point about the lack of political education and information for young people. I told the panel and audience that the scaremongering was putting young people off voting at all and this was a big problem. They agreed however, in true politician style didn’t have much of an answer for me.

The debate came to a close, but we still felt as young people we hadn’t had our say. So, Ellie went on to record her views for the end of the programme, before the three of us spoke to a BBC reporter about the lack on inclusion of young people for the whole referendum. We also had the opportunity to have a chat with Roger, and met a lovely lady to had developed a clever idea of coins with ‘leave’ on one side and ‘remain’ on the other for those who were unsure what to vote.

We throughly enjoyed our time filming and being involved at the BBC and would like to thank Mrs Bowyer for getting us such a wonderful opportunity. It was great to be able to see ourselves back when the programme was aired and get support and feedback from many people via social media. It was an added bonus to appear as a clip in the BBC EU advert!

If you would like to watch the debate it is still available on iplayer at the following link-


Lauren Barclay 13-1


Six couples played in this match. The first three teams made up team 1 (B and C Aegon team players) and the second three teams made up team 2 ( for some of these it was their first ever match).

Team 1 lost by 28 games to 36 and Team 2 won by 35 games to 21.

Well done girls. Some very good and enjoyable tennis was played.


The year 10 team beat Stockport Grammar School in the county final of the Aegon National Schools’ Competition. The now progress to the knock-out rounds in September.
Well done to Georgie, Evie, Georgia and Livvi

A-Level Art Exhibition 2016

Art_A-Level-Exhibition_2016-(5)The A Level Art exhibition was again, a great success and started on Monday with a busy preview evening.

The Year 12 and 13 students worked very hard over the year and have produced an excellent and diverse display of their talents. The work covers a range of themes including portraiture, landscapes, natural forms and architecture and the girls used a wide variety of materials and techniques such as drawing, painting (in watercolour, acrylics and oils), textiles and 3d, all to a very high standard,  they should all be very proud.

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