We had our first tennis matches of the news season on Saturday for years 7, 8 and 9. In these matches we play for a certain amount of time. How many games can you win in that time. The results are therefore based on games and not sets.

Year 9 ‘A’ team won by 51 games to 21

Year 9 ‘B’ team won 42 games to 28

Year 8 team lost 28 games to 42

Year 7 team won 36 games to 35

Well done girls. You were brilliant battling through snow and hail towards the end of the match, which we cut short by 10 minutes!!


The year 10 Sports Leaders were asked to help at the Year 1 multi-skills festival at Altrincham Leisure Centre. They had a great time helping to organise all the events, although they were shattered by the end of the 2 hours!!!! ( Now they know how teachers feel at the end of a day!!!!!).

The girls were a credit to the school and the organisers were very impressed with their involvement. One of our leaders, Alice, was shocked though, when she asked a little boy to do something and he said ‘no’!!!!! She was so surprised, she didn’t know what to say!!!!!

Thank you to all who took part.     Mrs Finch



The U13 Indoor Cricket team had previously qualified for the North Final as Cheshire Champions. The tournament was held at Old Trafford, home of Lancashire County Cricket.

We qualified for the first time, at this level, last year but got well beaten in all our games. It was great experience though. This year our aim was to win at least one game. Our first game was against Macmillan School from Northumberland. We lost by 90 runs to 107, largely due to the fact that we gave a lot of runs away in the first 10 minutes of the match when we were still waking up!!!!! The game really could have gone either way. Our second game was against Urmston Grammar School, who had had success at this level before. It was a low scoring game for us and we lost by 57 runs to 98. We still needed that one win to achieve our aim!! Our final match was against North Durham Academy who had narrowly lost against the other two teams by 4 runs and 2 runs. On paper it looked another tough match. However, the girls were on fire in this match and won by 85 runs to 136. This was the highest score in the competition and Amber Thoms had scored the most 6’s. Most importantly we had won a match, definitely in style!!!! Congratulations to Amber Thoms, Sarah Wide, Emma Simpson, Emily Conway, Millie Sewell, Lucia Oram, Charlotte Lord, Nielja Gerhard and Laurie Sheriden.

After the tournament we were treated to a short stay in a hospitality box to watch Lancashire 11’s play Warwickshire 11’s thanks to Mr Sheriden. It was a great end to the day. Thank you.