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Sponsored Walk – Money Raised Will Go To…?

As a school council we are exploring ideas with regards to what we should spend the money we get from the 2016 Sponsored Walk. We would love to have your suggestions! Here are some ideas we have already gathered to get you thinking:

  • Redoing the ledge by the library – adding a roof as shelter and more benches for lunchtimes along with pegs to hang bags
  • Developing the sound system in the hall (to stop the occasional malfunction!)

What ideas do you have?

Leave a comment!


Homework Diary Competition Winners!


The results are in!

1st Prize goes to Arya Rahate in 7-4

2nd Prize goes to Akanksha Desai in 8-6

3rd Prize goes to Anaa Mir in 9-1

4th Prize goes to Ena Bowyer in 8-3

Well done to everyone! Prizes will be handed out by form tutors on Friday 1st April.

Junior National Sculling Head Successes


Hannah 12-2, Imogen 11-2 and Ellie 10-4 recently competed in the Junior National Sculling Head, rowing for their clubs at the Olympic venue, Eton Dorney Lake.

Hannah and Imogen, rowing for Northwich RC, came 5th in the WJ17 4x and Ellie, rowing for Trafford RC, came 1st in the WJ15 4x.

Congratulations to all girls.

Democracy Awards

discovering democracy

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I can share with you that AGGS has been awarded the British Council’s prestigious Discovering Democracy award. We are one of just 60 schools in the country to achieve this award. It is acknowledging the work that we do here at AGGS to engage young people in politics and democracy as a whole.

dem awards 3

Mrs. Bowyer had the great pleasure of going down to the Houses of Parliament last week to collect the award. It was here that we heard from students around the country who had contributed to their school’s achievement of this award. We also heard about the importance of engaging young people in politics from John Penrose the Minister for Constitutional Reform. A Q & A session was conducted where teachers and students could share how the government can encourage engagement in politics further.

dem awards 2

A huge thank you to all those in school who have helped achieve this award.

dem awards4

Harriet Waters A2 composition



Hijacked Plane

Find out the latest on the Egyptian hijacked plane here.

MYP Election Results

A huge thank you to all those who voted in this year’s MYP elections. The winner of the MYP election is: Rory.

Rory MYP

With only 69 votes in it, Yr 10 Alice Sutcliffe came in a very close second. Hannah of Year 11 3rd and Safa in Yr 9 here at AGGS coming in fourth.

A HUGE well done to the three girls from AGGS who ran and a big congratulations to Rory from the Citizenship department.

Well done to the outgoing MYP Lauren Barclay in Year 13 for all her hard work this year.

AGGS ukyp


The U15 cricket team took part in the Cheshire County Indoor final after qualifying as Trafford Champions in a previous competition. The team won their section of 2 matches and then played Bramhall High School in the semi final. Bramhall proved too strong, having a number of county players on their team. However our girls put up a good fight (as you would expect them to do!!!).

Well done to Hannah Maybury and her team.