UKYP candidate selection

Last week six AGGS students put themselves forward to stand for election in the Trafford UKYP election process. The process was conducted at Trafford Town hall with the Mayor and local councillors listening to the speeches and then choosing their top four candidates to stand for election.


These candidates will battle it out for your votes and elections will take place in school over the next few weeks. Three out of the four candidates chosen were AGGS students which is fantastic. All candidates who stood should be congratulated for their efforts and the great speeches that were made.

The three chosen candidates from our school are:

Hannah Sharp

Alice Sutcliffe

Safa Al-Azami

Watch out in assemblies next week for their candidate videos.. Who will you vote for?

It was also the time for outgoing MYP Lauren Barclay to make her closing speech. Well done Lauren for a very successful year as MYP.

ukyp 2

Being strong

happy girls

Update on the EU Migrant crisis

Lots has been said about the migrant crisis.. Find out the latest news from Calais here. 


Congratulations to the 21 girls who have been selected to play for the Greater Manchester county junior  U14, U13 and U12 hockey teams this season. They were out playing practice matches against Lancashire on Sunday morning in readiness for their county tournaments which start in a couple of weeks. (One of the girls is missing from the photograph). 

Congratulations on your selection and ‘good luck’ in your tournaments.



We had some very exciting games against a very string Stockport Grammar School on Saturday.

1stX1 lost 5-1. This sounds like a heavy defeat but it did not feel it. The girls played a very good passing game but just lacked the finesse up front to score more goals from the chances we had. Stockport are going to the National Schools’ Finals the week after next and the team put up a very strong fight against very strong team. They were pleased with their performance which was great to hear.

U16X1 won 5-0 : 

U15X1 won 3-2

U14X1 won 3-0

U13x1 won 3-1 ( after being 1-0 down)

U12 ‘A’ won 6-0 and 3-0

U12’B’ lost 1-0 and won 3-0

We had a fabulous morning’s hockey in lovely sunshine. Well done girls.

Thought for the week

Thought for the week

The way to do is to be.

(Lao Tzu)

History Taster Day – Nottingham University

Wednesday 22 June 2016 University-of-Nottingham-logo

Nottingham University welcomes any Y12 student who is interested in or thinking about studying History at university. Students will receive 2 x academic taster sessions, an admissions talk and Q&A, a tour of the university and library/archives session, and an opportunity to meet current staff and students. Attendance is free of charge but students will need to make their own way to campus.

If you have any questions about the day, please contact:, or on 0115 951 5938.

Please email Mrs Gillibrand to register:

The US Presidential Elections

2_650_051513102110Many people have asked how the US Elections work. Did you know, the US still haven’t chosen their presidential candidates? The build up to the election of a US president is long and strenuous, and can be very complicated to understand.

Grab your popcorn, get comfy, and enjoy this selection of videos and articles explaining how the process works.

US Election 2016 

How it all works

How to become the US president





On January 1st 2009, Oscar Grant, an African-American man was unlawfully killed by a BART police officer. On July 15th 2015, Sandra Bland, an African-American woman was found hung in a cell after being arrested with no cause by police officers. On July 17th 2014 Eric Garner, an African-American man was killed during a chokehold by an NYPD police officer.

From the enslavement of Africans to police brutality, anti-black racism has been an issue that has plagued our world for a very long time. Consistently, a pattern has occurred in which black people have been abused, marginalised and have fallen victim to the white supremacist world we live in. And it seems recently, society has regressed in the continuous battle for the abolishment of racism.

However, amidst the chaos, black empowerment movements have always arisen. For example, the creation, of the Hip Hop subculture which was formed in order to break down racial barriers and give a voice to many African Americans and Puerto Ricans living in New York.

But now there is #BlackLivesMatter which was a movement created in 2012 to promote the liberation of black people. The hashtag has taken social media by storm and has been raising awareness of the struggles black people face today with its use being very popular during the Baltimore protests when a black man was beaten by police officers eventually causing his death.

Nevertheless, #BlackLivesMatter is more than just a hashtag. It is a movement that supports the whole of the black community including, those who are women, are disabled and fall under the LGBTQ+ spectrum.

We also see black empowerment engrained in popular culture, so remember that when Kanye West is rapping ‘I am a God!’ it is because he refuses to yell ‘I am a slave!’ And that when Beyoncé sings ‘I love my baby’s hair and afros’ it is because she knows the beauty of her skin colour.

And, finally, remember we should all be trying to fulfil Martin Luther King’s dream. #BLACKLIVESMATTER

Here at AGGS, we believe that all lives matter and we support the empowerment of marginalised groups who do not otherwise have a voice.



The year 9 team
The year 9 team with their gold medals
Jessica with her bronze medal
The year 8 team
 The Year 9 and 8 rowers had qualified for the Greater Manchester School Games finals in Wigan today, after winning the Trafford round of the competition before half term.

A couple of the Year 8 team row out of school but the other rowers were just fit and strong games players!!!!

There were two events for each team : an individual event and a team event.

The team event was the first to take place.

Year 8. : In the individual event the girls had to row for 3 minutes and the results were based on how far they rowed in this time. Kitty Hamer came 7th. :  Millie Pearce 8th. :  Ellie Fitchett 9th and Dani Gallagher 21st. In the team event which was a 6 minute race where each girl rowed as far as possible in one and a half minutes, the  girls rowed really well to finish 4th, just outside the bronze medal position with 1,416 metres.                                                     

Year 9. :  This time in the individual event the girls had to row for 4 minutes each and again the distance covered was recorded. Phoebe Sullivan-Jones came 14th. :  Zoe Rontree 7th. :  Laura Mallinder 4th and Jess McDowell came an amazing 3rd, winning the gold medal. Laura then had to leave for a netball tournament so Leah Haigh took her place in the team event. Again it was a 6 minute race, with each girl rowing for one and a half minutes. The girls were a amazing and finished in first place, winning the gold medal. 

Congratulations to both teams for such fantastic results. Not bad as we do not have any rowing machines at school!!! They did, however have some practice time down at Altrincham Leisure Centre first thing in the morning before school!!!!!