Hockey results v St. Bede’s College

Hockey matches were played against St Bede’s on Saturday morning with he following results :

U16X1 won 5-1

Unfortunately one of our players fell and injured her knee


U15X1 won 2-0

The U13 team had a strange game!! They arrived at school expecting to play a 7 aside match, giving the ‘B’ a chance of a game, but ended up playing 10 aside. Anyway there was lots of running about and they drew 0-0, which was a fair result against St Bede’s ‘


U12 ‘B’ team drew 0-0 against St Bede’s ‘A’ team

Thought for the Week

Thought for the week

‘You are your master.  Only you have the master keys to open the inner locks.’

(Amit Ray)

AGGS Celebrates League Table Success Once Again

GCSE-2015-1The official GCSE DfE league tables were released last week and AGGS once again cemented its place as one of the top schools in the country.

Based on a measurement of the number of students achieving 5 or more A* – C grades including English and maths and on the English baccalaureate score, the school was placed third in the tables.

This is a tremendous success and our thanks and congratulations must go to all staff, students and parents.

Ms Gill, Principal, said: “The school has a long standing history of being one of the highest performing state schools in the country, but our achievements are only possible thanks to the tremendous hard work of the staff, the continued support of our parents, and of course the commitment and dedication of our students.


Year 9 – Ryman’s National Enterprise Challenge

Year 9 Ryman’s National Enterprise ChallengeOn Friday 15th January, the Year 9s took part in the Ryman’s National Enterprise Challenge. The challenge this year has been set by Theo Pathitos and it is to come up with the best school based business idea, born from the fact that Theo used to run the school tuck shop.

By taking part in this challenge not only did the girls enjoy the experience but also gained skills in creativity, management, entrepreneurship and team work, all attributes which are essential in today’s world.

The winning team was Whoops from 9-2 and consisted of Isabella, Sarah, Tabitha, Grace, Tiffany, Laura. They will now go onto the National Final in June to compete against over 250 schools. We wish them the best of luck.

Year 8 Enterprise – Mosaic Enterprise Challenge

Mosaic Enterprise ChallengeLast week, the whole of Year 8 took part in the Mosaic Enterprise Challenge.The Mosaic’s Enterprise Challenge is an inter-school competition which encourages a spirit of entrepreneurship amongst young people. In addition to encouraging an understanding of business and enterprise, participants also develop a number of transferable skills such as confidence, team work, meeting deadlines, clarity of expression, lateral and creative thinking and flexibility and adaptability.

Students learnt about businesses, business principles and then applied them by playing an online business simulation game during which they produced, marketed and sold one of five products. Each team still has the opportunity to play the game as many times as they wish until the closing date of 12th February 2016. The team’s highest profit over all the games is then taken and the top five scoring schools are then invited to the Regional Finals.

Massive congratulations to team 3 which has the highest net profit of £12,262,271 but this could all change. Good luck to all teams.

Year 7 Young Enterprise Challenge

Y7 Young Enterprise Challenge, 2016Last week we also welcomed Young Enterprise who came to introduce the Tenner Challenge which the whole of Year 7 are going to be participating in during February and March. In  teams they have to generate as much profit as possible within a month, starting with £10 initial investment

During the session they were introduced to basic business skills by playing a bead game. They had to buy raw materials (beads) and then produced jewellery and then sell the bracelets. Enterprise skills used during the day included leadership, negotiation, teamwork, creativity, time-management, and communication.

The feedback that we have received from the year group has been very positive. We wish all of year 7 good luck with their forthcoming challenge.

Exciting News.. Citizenship Department gain award

Exciting news.. the Citizenship department has received the Discovering Democracy Award. 

We do lots here at AGGS to develop political understanding and educate young people in how they can have their say. It is fantastic to have this hard work rewarded. Thank you to all who contributed to the evidence needed to gain this recognition.

discovering democracy

GCSE Citizenship group visitors: Serving Stories

war vets 1

The GCSE Citizenship group had a session last week exploring the stories of living veterans to discover how war can effect society and communities.

The session was run by the Imperial War Museum North. The girls spent a great deal of time listening to various veterans stories of how they had been affected by conflict. Veterans had served in Afghanistan, Iraq, Northern Ireland and stationed in many different parts of the world.

We had veterans from each different service, army, navy and RAF. This was a great way to explore how war effects society. The sharing of stories followed with an exploration of how government funds can impact on how decisions are made in society.

Thank you to Serving stories and those who came in to share their experiences. We had a great time, check out the pictures below…

war vets 2

war vets 3

war vets 4

war vets 5

Quote of the Week.. Self Awareness

well being quote 1

How snow effects the USA

How is the east coast of America dealing with the snow? Find out more here.