Hockey results v St. Bede’s College

Hockey matches were played against St Bede’s on Saturday morning with he following results :

U16X1 won 5-1

Unfortunately one of our players fell and injured her knee


U15X1 won 2-0

The U13 team had a strange game!! They arrived at school expecting to play a 7 aside match, giving the ‘B’ a chance of a game, but ended up playing 10 aside. Anyway there was lots of running about and they drew 0-0, which was a fair result against St Bede’s ‘


U12 ‘B’ team drew 0-0 against St Bede’s ‘A’ team

GCSE Citizenship group visitors: Serving Stories

war vets 1

The GCSE Citizenship group had a session last week exploring the stories of living veterans to discover how war can effect society and communities.

The session was run by the Imperial War Museum North. The girls spent a great deal of time listening to various veterans stories of how they had been affected by conflict. Veterans had served in Afghanistan, Iraq, Northern Ireland and stationed in many different parts of the world.

We had veterans from each different service, army, navy and RAF. This was a great way to explore how war effects society. The sharing of stories followed with an exploration of how government funds can impact on how decisions are made in society.

Thank you to Serving stories and those who came in to share their experiences. We had a great time, check out the pictures below…

war vets 2

war vets 3

war vets 4

war vets 5

Scargill Christian Union Trip


On the 15th of January, the Christian Union group visited Scargill in KettleWell near the Lake District. The drive was long but we passed the time by singing songs and eating. On the night we arrived we were welcomed with a warm shepherd’s pie and the friendly community. After dinner we settled into our rooms and tried out the electric blankets. Later on we had our first session in “the Den” where we discussed difficult situations and questions, which our faith and young Christians face. We than went down to the sun lounge and enjoy some hot chocolate and conversions with the community and our friends.


The next morning, a small group of us went down to the Chapel in which morning prayers were taking place. The prayers were beautiful and a lovely start to the day. Prayers were followed by a tasty cooked breakfast in which a few girls went up for seconds! Afterwards we shared our questions from the previous day in our second session; why does God allow suffering? Or can Christians speak and choose for themselves? We were then able to ask the questions to one of the community. In-between these sessions we had juice and biscuits and we talked to the guests and volunteers who were staying at Scargill. Our third session began an hour before lunch and we had fun acting our role plays to do with our questions, as well as this we received knowledgeable answers from Andreas who continued the day with us. After our lunch we took a really relaxing but chilly walk down the the village of KettleWell where we visited the local Church and traditional sweetshop. The cobbled stone roads and cottages set a peaceful scene in the rural countryside. The opportunities to make jewellery, learn to dance and sing were given to us when we got back from our walk. The workshops were lead by wonderful friendly people and at the end we all learnt something new; whether a song or how to make a bracelet. In the evening we enjoyed a nice chicken casserole and chatted with the community who sat by. To relax even more we watched a Film together with treats and comfy chairs and the followed by a calming reading to end the night.


On Sunday morning, a light breakfast was served, although there was a big variety of food! We then began our last session in which we took time to seek God’s voice, this time was taken to reflect upon the weekend and try and engage with God in our own way. At the end of all the sessions we would share our thoughts and feelings with one another. After having a quick tea and cake and visits to the little gift shop, with an honesty box for money, the Christian Union group all went down to the chapel to receive the communion service. This included our beautiful readings and songs which lifted our hearts. Our final time was spent having lunch and spending time with each other in the snow which had fallen in the morning.


Oriela Moore, Bella Healey   9-2

HOCKEY v Kirkham Grammar School

We had excellent matches against a very strong hockey school, on Saturday morning. There was no frost (for once) and the sun was nearly shining!!

U15X1 drew 2-2 in an excellent end to end match

U14X1 won 4-0 : well played girls.

The year 8’s played mini hockey in preparation for thei mini hockey competition in a week’s time. The ‘A’ team won 2-0 and the ‘B’ team drew 0-0

The year 7’s also played mini games. The ‘A’ team won 4-0 and the ‘B’ team won 3-1

The 1stX1 also had a match against Withingotn Girls’ School. They won 3-1.

Congratulations to everyone who played for such wonderful results.