Many thanks to Helen Cleary for sending two teaching tips!

See attached resource ‘American Dream’ – Pupils are on tables of four. They have one minute to write down individually (no collaboration) their definition on ‘the American dream’ and what they think this is. They then have one minute to discuss their definitions and then one minute to write their group definition in the middle box. The background pictures are on America, but these can be changed. This could be adapted for any subject area and is a really nice way to get pupils discussing viewpoints and justifying responses.

See attached resource Haxagonal Handout – This is for revision of a subject or can be used to collate research ideas. Best idea for this is to invest in hexagonal post-it notes!

Teacher supplies headings linked to a topic on hexagons. The pupils then individually write everything they know about the headings, one point per hexagonal post-it note (or they cut out the hexagons on paper) and they put these under the appropriate headings. The pupils then see if they can link some of the points up so that they can see where the themes/ideas overlap. They will find that moving one hexagon might then cause all the other hexagons to move. This really helps to clarify pupils’ understanding and can then be photographed and used for revision purposes.

American Dream Grid

Hexagon Handout


As part of the Word Book Day celebration, we held our first ever Shelfie competition which involved thirty eight willing teachers sending in photos of their book shelves.
The aim of the competition was very simple. Pupils had to guess which bookshelf belonged to which teacher! However it was not as easy as it seemed…

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A Big Thank You

We would like to thank all players for making this season one of the most successful for a very long time. It has also been a very enjoyable one with a lot of laughs along the way. We would also like to thank the parents for their tireless support on the sides of the pitch, in all weathers, on a Saturday morning and also for transporting the girls to fixtures and tournaments near and far.

We really do appreciate it – thank you. Mrs Finch and Mrs O’Neal

New PE Summer Timetable

There will be a large summer time table on the hockey board so girls can see when their new lessons are and have the correct equipment and clothing for the first day back at school

Day Lunch Time :
12.20pm – 1pm
After School :
3.45pm – 5pm
Monday Year 7 RoundersYear 9 Tennis Year 8 Tennis
Tuesday Year 9 and 10 RoundersYear 7 Tennis Year 7-10 AthleticsYear 10-13 Tennis
Wednesday Year 7-10 Athletics (Field Events)Year 10 Tennis Year 9 and 10 RoundersYear 7 Tennis
Thursday Year 8 RoundersYear 7 Tennis Year 7 and 8 RoundersYear 9 Tennis
Friday Year 7 RoundersYear 8 Tennis No Practices


Here is a list of our Saturday tennis fixtures this season:

Saturday Tennis Fixtures: Summer 2015

Saturday 2nd April v St Bede’s College (Away) Years 7-10

Saturday 9th May v Stockport Grammar School (Home) Years 7-9

Saturday 16th May v Cheadle Hulme School (Away) Years 7-10

Saturday 13th June v Cheadle Hulme School (Home) Years 7-9

Saturday 20th June v Stockport Grammar School (Away) Years 7-10

Saturday 27th June: King’s School Chester – U14 Invitation Tournament: 2 pairs of U14 players (Year 8 and 9)

Saturday 4th July v King’s School, Chester (Away) Years 7-10

Generally for each match there will be 3 couples in each age group. However, we sometimes play with 3 players in a couple to give more girls a chance to play team tennis and also it makes it a lot easier if a player cannot play in the match through illness etc.

We have also entered 3 teams in the U15 and U13 Lawn Tennis Association School team tennis competition. These matches will largely be played after school but some may be played during school time.

Annual Sports Dinner

The PE Department are hosting their sixth annual Sports Dinner in celebration of the department’s achievements and the students’ success this season. We have an inspirational guest speaker for the evening, Michelle Dignan, currently a travel presenter on Radio 5 live, who is a past pupil of Altrincham Girls’ Grammar School.  She will present sports awards, colours and commendations for the Winter Season 2014/15.

The annual Sports Dinner will be held on Wednesday 1st April, 2015 at Bowdon Rugby Club, Timperley from 7-10pm.

The PE department look forward to seeing many of you on the night.

Book Event – Anna Mainwaring Book Signing

Wednesday 25th March

The lives and loves of jesobel jonesAs some of the pupils know, Mrs Clark of the English department has another identity as Anna Mainwaring, a writer of teen fiction. Her new book is called ‘The Lives and Loves of Jesobel Jones‘ and will be launched at a lunchtime event in the school library on March 25th.

Signed books can be purchased at a discounted price of £7 on the day. Alternatively, the paperback will be on sale on the Amazon website for £7.99 whilst the kindle version is a mere £1.99! A recent review described Jesobel as a cross between ‘a teenage Bridget Jones and Louise Rennison’. If that appeals, come to the Library on March 25th!

Arabian Nights and Bollywood Dreams

Friday 27th March 2015, 6pm – 9.30pm

On the night, you can enjoy a fashion show, a Bollywood Dance Performance, find out what a souk and a dabkeh are, bid for amazing items in an auction and enjoy a live performance by Jay Kadn (formerly known as Junai Kaden) who has reached #1 multiple times on the iTunes World Chart and the UK Official Asian Downloads Chart.

So join us for a night celebrating Bollywood and Arabian Culture and help us to raise money for Human Appeal’s ‘Our Haven’ Project, supporting women who have suffered from domestic abuse.

Tickets are on sale from Enas H, Hannah K and Navjot K in the Sixth Form common room, the main hall and in F10 Mondays and Wednesdays at lunch. They won’t be available on the door & are limited so get them fast!

Child (under 12) – £6
Students (12+,  or 18+ and in education) – £8
Adults (18+) – £10
Meet & Greet with Jay Kadn – £25

For more information, including tickets, contact us via:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/events/845815168791920/
Twitter: @_EasternPearls_
Website: aievents.wix.com/easternpearlsanbd

Mr Toman and Mr Lemmon

After a slow start we managed to drag Mr Toman away from the maths, long enough  to interview him, along with Mr Lemmon…

How are you finding AGGS?
Mr Toman: Yeah, I’m really enjoying it! Its a really good school, I really enjoy meeting all the teachers and its an inspiration how motivated all the young girls are
Mr Lemmon: I have to add also that compared to a typical comprehensive school, obviously it’s very different being a grammar school, but also there is more passion with the pupils about their education and about the school in general.
Mr Toman: It definitely seems a school where you would be proud to be a student.
Mr Lemmon: Yeah! Last month the school league tables were released and AGGS was second in the country….and that’s all because of Mr Toman and I!

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A Workshop at the New Whitworth Art Gallery

On Friday 6th March, Mr Payne and Mrs Hurst took 20 year 9 students to a workshop organised at the new Whitworth Art Gallery. The students worked with an artist called Laura Atkinson and  focused on textiles/fine art work. They really enjoyed it, the new space was impressive and the students saw Cornelia Parker’s famous works ‘Cold Dark Matter’ (exploding shed) and ‘The Distance’.

A Workshop at the New Whitworth Art Gallery (2)A Workshop at the New Whitworth Art Gallery (1) A Workshop at the New Whitworth Art Gallery (3) A Workshop at the New Whitworth Art Gallery (4) A Workshop at the New Whitworth Art Gallery (5) A Workshop at the New Whitworth Art Gallery (6) A Workshop at the New Whitworth Art Gallery (7) A Workshop at the New Whitworth Art Gallery (8) A Workshop at the New Whitworth Art Gallery (9)

Arabian Nights And Bollywood Dreams!

Are you interested in the many cultures of Arabia and South Asia?
If so, the Arabian Nights And Bollywood Dreams event is for you!
When: Friday the 27th March
Where: The Main Hall
Time: 6:30pm – 9:00pm
Everyone is invited to take part in an evening celebrating the cultures of Arabia and South Asia to raise money for Human Appeal’s ‘Our Haven‘ project.

The evening will consist of many forms of entertainment, such as.. Continue reading Arabian Nights And Bollywood Dreams!