Head Girls

The elections for the new team of Head Girls took place in school last week. The role of Head Girls in the Sixth Form is an integral one as they are required to be ambassadors of the school as well as displaying leadership and managerial skills. They also need to be a good listener, innovator and organiser, as well as balance the demands of their studies. In total there were 24 students in Year 12 who stood for election and each had two minutes to give a  speech about why they should be elected. All candidates delivered thoughtful and passionate speeches and left voters with a difficult decision to make. Students in Year 12, along with members of staff at the school, voted for who they wanted to represent them. The turnout was extremely high, with an impressive 204 votes being cast.

The new Head Girls are:


Congratulations to the new team!


CricketGood luck to the U13 Indoor cricket team who are playing in the Regional Round of the competition at Old Trafford on the first day back after Easter.

Islamic Awareness Week

IslamOn each lunchtime from Monday to Friday last week, a group of year 12s successfully organised a number of events for Islamic Awareness Week. Activities included Henna patterns, traditional Asian food, talks on Women in Islam and ‘Why I am a Muslim’, describing why one women converted from her Catholic faith to Islam, opportunities to try on traditional dress for Muslim women, a group prayer at the start of each session and, on the Wednesday, the playing of the Adhan, the Muslim Call to Prayer.

Girls from different faiths, and non-faiths, joined in with the activities and enjoyed the selection of events. We look forward to a similar awareness week next year, and would like more groups of students to organise awareness weeks for each of the major religions, and to see Mr Davenport if they would like to do this.

Year 10 Parents’ Evening Feedback, March 2015

See the Year 10 parents’ evening feedback on the table bellow:

Poor Satisfactory Good Excellent
Organisation 1% 6% 45% 48%
Waiting time 1% 12% 43% 44%
Teachers’ Comments 1% 35% 64%


Many thanks to Helen Cleary for sending two teaching tips!

See attached resource ‘American Dream’ – Pupils are on tables of four. They have one minute to write down individually (no collaboration) their definition on ‘the American dream’ and what they think this is. They then have one minute to discuss their definitions and then one minute to write their group definition in the middle box. The background pictures are on America, but these can be changed. This could be adapted for any subject area and is a really nice way to get pupils discussing viewpoints and justifying responses.

See attached resource Haxagonal Handout – This is for revision of a subject or can be used to collate research ideas. Best idea for this is to invest in hexagonal post-it notes!

Teacher supplies headings linked to a topic on hexagons. The pupils then individually write everything they know about the headings, one point per hexagonal post-it note (or they cut out the hexagons on paper) and they put these under the appropriate headings. The pupils then see if they can link some of the points up so that they can see where the themes/ideas overlap. They will find that moving one hexagon might then cause all the other hexagons to move. This really helps to clarify pupils’ understanding and can then be photographed and used for revision purposes.

American Dream Grid

Hexagon Handout

Model United Nations Success


This weekend 6 year 13s and Tara in year 10 went to Oxford to compete in the prestigious Magdalen College School Model United Nations. This is particularly challenging conference and the competition was high.

We managed to achieve 4 prizes:

Sunya A –  Commended Delegate in Environment & Health Committee

Shereen P – Commended Delegate in Economic Committee

Shubhangi K – Outstanding Delegate in Middle East

Isobel H – Highly Commended Delegate in Security Council.

All the girls did so well, we were so proud of how they held their own in a very male dominated conference.

Swimming Results

SwimmingCongratulations to the Hannah, Diana, Phoebe and Jade who swam at the Aquatics Centre in the county round of the School Games competition. In their heats the girls came 1st and 2nd in their races but unfortunately the 2nd heats had faster times. We finished 4th overall – 3 points adrift from 2nd place. However, the girls won the Cannon Relay at the end of the races.

Congratulations girls for this great success.

Hockey Results

HockeyIn our final matches of the season :-

The year 7 finally got their win against Sale Grammar School.

The ‘A’ team won 5-0 and the ‘B’ team won 1-0 (with 3 of our players playing on the Sale team!!!!)

The ‘A’ team also beat Manchester High School 4-2 and the ‘B’ team won 2-1

Well done to everyone who played.

The year 8 and 9 teams also played Withington Girls’ School.

The Year 8’s won 4-1 and the year 9’s won 6-1

Again, well done everyone.

Now it is time to have a good rest and come back fully refreshed in September!!!!


As part of the Word Book Day celebration, we held our first ever Shelfie competition which involved thirty eight willing teachers sending in photos of their book shelves.
The aim of the competition was very simple. Pupils had to guess which bookshelf belonged to which teacher! However it was not as easy as it seemed…

Continue reading Shelfie!

Comenius Project, Denmark

Comenius Project, March 2015On Tuesday 3rd March, six Year 10s (Katie, Natalie, Nicola, Emily, Daria and me) and five Year 12s (Lauren, Eve, Ellie, Katherine and Kat) headed to Denmark to complete the Comenius project. After spending the night in a youth hostel in Copenhagen, we boarded a four hour train to Struer, where we would meet our exchanges.

On our first day in Struer, we travelled to a town called Århus, during which we visited ARoS museum (with the amazing rainbow panorama and a colourful smoke room!), the university there (one of only two in Denmark) and then had time to shop and look around the city. Continue reading Comenius Project, Denmark