Noughts and Crosses!

“Noughts and Crosses” is a popular book by Malorie Blackman and it was adapted by students from AGGS and AGSB into a drama production which was performed on Thursday 5th and Friday 6th February.

The story describes an alternative history and it shows segregation between African people (Crosses) and Europeans (Noughts) where African people have an advantage over the Europeans.

The play was a collaboration between the two schools and it was performed by students from Year 12 and 11. Well done to Emma and Alzahra from Year 12 for organising the play, with the help of the drama department!

BrightLine come to AGGS!

Throughout this week, the Christian band BrightLine have been coming into assemblies performing their songs and inspiring people with their stories.

The band consisted of four members:

  • Daniel– beat-boxer and plays keys and helps out with whatever needs to be done
  • Joe– Plays the drums
  • Jacob– Plays the guitar, acoustic and electric and do backing vocals
  • Katrina– Lead singer (unfortunately, she was absent for the assemblies)

We interviewed them to find out more about their band…

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Poetry Live

For year 11’s every year, an event takes place in Manchester where a selection of poets from the GCSE anthology read and discuss some of their best work. Yesterday the trams were packed as AGGS students embarked on their voyage to the Bridgewater Hall to witness this ground-breaking event.

The poets included:
-Gilian Clarke
-Carol Ann Duffy
-Simon Armitage
-Imitiaz Dharkar
-Grace Nichols
-John Agard
As well as a very useful session with the AQA examiner for the poetry exam.

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