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Interested in a career in the media?

The Times journalism film series


The Times have created a series of short videos about their reporters, the behind the scenes of some of their most interesting stories and an insight as to what it is like to work for a major newspaper.  Anyone who likes English, the humanities or drama might be interested in these as some inspiration for future career paths.

Christmas 2014 Art work

Christmas Concert 2014 art work by ..

Art Exhibition June 2014

Art-y13-2014-4 Art-y13-2014-3 Art-y13-2014-2 Art-y13-2014-1

Year 13 leavers last lesson


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This Girl Can

This Girl Can

Watch the campaign’s video

Sport England have created a new campaign call ‘This Girl Can’ to encourage girls and women to participate in sporting activities and get active. Many women feel unmotivated and put off sport due to  low self esteem about their body image and how sport makes you look. The ‘This Girl Can’ campaign aims to tell girls to embrace the sweat and participate to feel good no matter shape or size. They say the campaign is: Here to inspire women and prove that judgement is a barrier that can be overcome.

If you are interested in starting a new sport or getting active here are some local options you could try. Click on the links for more information.


Leisure centres for gym, swim and classes

Free 5K runs for anybody to join in with

Meet the stars of our campaign
who are doing what they do,
and letting nothing (not even sweat) 
stand in their way.

Pupil Presentations/Self Assessment

Many thanks to Niamh Devlin who has forwarded this week’s teaching tip which is a useful resource for pupils to use to reflect upon their performance in an individual or group presentation. This can easily be used/adapted to suit any subject area. Presentation Self-Assessment

Art – Key stage four

Key stage 4

Pass The Parcel

green parcelsWhat does NEWSPAPER have to do with the ANTARCTIC ?…..

“Shall we find out ?…”

A few skeptical faces emerged from the crowd..Pass The Parcel?

Well, …we’ll give a try…hey I got a prize..!

As the music ebbed and flowed, the huge newspaper wrapped parcel moved swiftly from eager fingers. Cross-curriculum using Literacy was in the form of a book cover from a classic book taped to the front of each parcel, getting the girls used to seeing different authors.

When unwrapped, each parcel had a small prize and a Geography question.

A creative way to do revision, and have fun !