Mr & Mrs Event!

Ecuador Team A led by Mr Davenport and Miss O’Hara organised a teacher charity event based on the popular TV show, Mr & Mrs. The game involved eight couples from different departments who went head to head answering questions about each other.

Mr & Mrs Event!
The staff seemed to be enjoying themselves!

The questions ranged from: “What is your partner’s eye colour?” to “Who is the best teacher?” and the departments included:
English (Miss Devlin and Miss O’Hara)
Maths  (Miss Williams and Mr Thompson)
Maths II (Mr Carr and Mr Barry)
R.S. (Miss Turnbull and Mr Davenport)
Citizenship (Miss Bowyer and Miss Stokwisz)
Drama (Miss Willmott and Miss Ryan)
Geography (Mr Emms and Mr Lovelady)
and Psychology (Mrs Hughes and Miss Stanley)

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Interview: Mr England

Mr England is a new trainee teacher for the English department. We caught up one lunch time to see how things were going…

How are you finding AGGS?
“I’m finding it wonderful. I think the first thing to make clear is that the amount of support that trainee teachers get in this school is phenomenal. Within the English department, my mentor Miss O’Hara has been incredibly supportive- as have the rest of the department in terms of improving my teaching and showing the high expectations the school has. The other thing which is wonderful about the school is the pupils in it. The girls are extremely motivated, extremely creative and just a lot of fun to work with!”

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Interview: Miss Maunder

This year, Miss Maunder became the newest member of the IT/Computing department. We caught up with her to see how she is finding her first term at AGGS!

How are you finding AGGS (compared to other schools)?
“I am really enjoying working at AGGS! The students are really friendly and hardworking.”

What’s the best thing about AGGS?
“The students and the surroundings – it’s nice to look out of the window and see so many trees!”

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Christmas Markets

Once again the Christmas markets have begun- for three Fridays only. The stalls created by Year 7, 8 and 9 students, ranged from homemade fudge and chocolates to knitted scarves and origami penguins!

One Friday is down, two more to go. Make sure to check it out and join in with the festivities!