Impossible Group Questions

Pupils are in small groups.

Set a puzzle that is almost impossible to answer.

Allow groups to develop an answer with the goal of demonstrating reasoning skills, rather than ‘getting it right’.

Allow time for pupils to discuss.

Groups justify their answer.

Could also give the class time to ask the group questions to extend the activity.


Many thanks to the biology department for sharing this week’s teaching tip which links very well to the shared target.

Shakespeare Speak

shakespeare 2

“What’s in a name……?” “All the world is a stage…!”

The girls looked puzzled….what were these strang sounding words on the board…..and what did they mean……?

As scrabble letters were handing out the girls started to visualize they were at the Globe Theatre among the crowds. “Miss, you mean to say if we said we wanted to eat the crust of a pie, we’d ask for the “Coffin“…? Or….if I wanted a mallet, I would ask for a “Beetle“…?

Confusing as it sounded some of the Old English words accually were formed into modern day words.

“You know Miss…If ever this Shakespeare guy wanted to go into the music business, he’d make a good rapper…..!”