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The Japanese Club girls decided to make a small animation showing what they had learned so far in the school year. Using the Stratch Website as a template, the girls were able to access the animation anytime outside of school hours.  This made it easier to add new parts or edit the ever changing story.

Where to begin…..what does a typical day in the life of a schoolgirl look like?

Japanese and England

What does the uniform look like …?

Ties…skirt length….shoes…hair

What are classes like….?

After school clubs/activities/lessons

A lot of hard work went into designing, creating, writing and directing the short animation, showing characters in various surroundings talking to the audience about their day. The animation made it’s preview in a Year 7 morning assembly, with two girls accompanying the film with two flute music pieces.

Tensions were high….would everything go to plan…?  As the credits rolled up at the end of the animation the flute music slowly disappeared into the room.  Would they like it…?

The smiles on the girls who had made the animation could’ve filled a football stadium.


Japanese Animation from aggschool on Vimeo.

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