This tool enables you to visualise student feedback instantly. Padlet, which can be accessed through
is a tool that can do just this. Pupils can respond to a question that you have set up either during the lesson or for homework and share their thinking on this. This is a quick AFL check of learning, or a way to collect opinion.
We also have several sets of activexpression voting devices in school which also allow the text in facility.
Do remember that you can book almost a class set of tablets with internet access from the IT department. This means you could use the above in your lesson. Contact the IT team for more information on this.

Blockbuster Science


As the temperatures rose outside so did the pens racing across the board……..

Using triangular shapes in a blockbuster format, the girls were treated to the first letter of the clues of the science quiz, but which LETTER went with which CLUE ???


The girls watched as each letter was pulled from the board giving a clue to the answer of the question chosen…One by one the leftover letters  became less and less… lone letter was left.

“What has “P got do with with a table of elements…that’s a hard one Miss…oh wait…I see that on the wall everyday on the way to science class…got it…!!

Using a computer format with hands on visual skills can be done, even in 10 min…!!


Jumble it up

On the way into the classroom, provide each person with some text.

The task is for the pupils to find others in the class with text that fits with theirs within a set time period.

They should then order the text, or find out why it links together.


You could do this for writing of different genre, opposing ideas, different processes that you have been learning about.

Many thanks to the person who sent this tip