Using modern technology to wake up mental maths minds,

easy you say?

The girls started reading a story which had been studied in most English classes on the kindles in front of them, unsuspecting Maths was to enter their world…!

“Choose a sentence…any sentence…and using the chart here..add up the sum using the value of each letter in each word, add the total up..and let’s see who has the biggest sentence..!”

Heads down…fingers scrolling…sums jumping off the page…

“I didn’t know a sentence could be worth so much…!


This week’s teaching tip is an online site called “Padlet” that you could use to collect pupils’ opinions on a topic before, during or after a lesson.

1. Once you get onto the Padlet site, it is very easy to use.

2. Once you have set up the page, you can share the URL with the pupils. Ideally this should be password protected to make sure it is secure.

3.  Pupils then post on the site. They can also post links to reading or upload pictures to further establish and justify their point.

This tip was shared by Scott and if you want to see an example of how this has recently been used in his lesson, then please use the following link

Plenaries on a Plate

This week’s teaching tip is another plenary/mini plenary selector. The idea is that you choose one of the coloured circles from the second page and this will take you to a different mini-plenary idea.

Some of the circles are knowledge recall, but others ask the pupils to apply their knowledge as well. It is obviously worth having a look at the circles beforehand, so you might have a better idea of which to choose.

If you have a teaching tip, then please do email it to me for ciculation.

Thank you to Hannah for sending this week’s tip. We will load this into the teacher folder that will soon be appearing on your desktop.




pho border 6

With steaming cups of hot chocolate and the sound of a saxophone weaving it’s notes through the air, the girls sat in a circle listening to the French Language assistant. 

“What’s it like where you live …Is it near the coast…..what are the most fun things to do there…?

As the girls looked at the photos, the French Assistant told the girls about the mountain areas near the coast. They then used these descriptive words in French for an energetic game of BINGO.

When you can feel the rustle of the grass and hear the rush of the waves in a photo, it makes languages come alive on a cold and icy morning!!

Eco House






Today we are going to change the the ECO system…! No…not ban homework….Yes today ladies, you are designing your own

ECO House !!

Each pair of students were given a set of coloured picture cards in which to choose the best energy efficient choices for their house. The object of the exercise was to get the Lowest score, not the Highest, with points awarded at the end to each choice, based on the least impact to our environment. Questions were asked like:

Which way is the best direction to face my house ?  What sort of heating is the best ?  What shape house is the most energy efficient ? Do plants and trees make a difference outside the house for my energy bills ?

A good way to get discussions happening and group involvement, and maybe just get the next generation thinking…!



movie border 

This term year 8 girls were invited to partake in “einem  Experiment”, to combine their acting talents with their ability to speak German.   A German teacher and a Drama teacher brought together a group of enthusiatic recruits, to perform a short drama called “Aerger im Unterricht” (An annoying lesson) that featured an exasperated Geography teacher attempting to teach a class that is constantly interrupted by an infurriating Headmaster !

 Over a period of 5 short weeks, the girls improvised their potential roles in mime and were gradually introduced to the not inconsiderable amount of German in the play itself. All rose to the challenge with great zest and commitment. Three of the cast needed to learn their lines verbatim, having no previous German lessons!!

A good time was had by all !!