The ‘Go To’ Wall

You may have already seen the “Go to” Wall in Room 9, if not, please see the picture below. The “Go To” Wall contains a range of extension articles relevant to different key stages. If a pupil finishes the work, they can take a look at the “Go To” wall and select an article of interest. They can then take the article and the relevant activity from the “Go To” Wall folder and complete this. Do take a look at this next time you are passing room 9. Go To Wall Thank you to Rebecca T for supplying the Teaching Tip this week.

The Tortoise and the Hare


Racing against the clock, the girls snapped up the Scrabble letters to form Spanish words for animals and numbers.


Letters were flying off the table creating animals out of thin air.  With the temperature rising outside, the temperature inside was sizzling. Who won the race at the finish? Hmmm……that’s a difficult one…but I’d have to say the winning smiles said it all.






Hello everyone!

On Monday a few of the Anti Bullying Team went to visit Facebook HQ for the Anti Bullying Showcase 2013. This is were we saw all the amazing work that Anti Bullying Ambassadors had done from across the UK. The event was full of fun, with some notable guests such as Jack and Finn Harries, Matthew Morrison , TICH , Jamal Edwards, Vince Kidd , Carrie Grant and Jodie Marsh to name a few! It was great meeting all the other ambassador and seeing how far we have come in our mission to eradicate bullying!

We’d just like to quickly give a special Thank you to Mrs. Bond and Mrs. Crossley for coming along and for making it possible!

More posts are soon to follow, till then all the best !

The Anti Bullying Team



Stars and Stripes

american flag

Swirls of Red…, White… and Blue were being devoured from the kitchen, as the girls celebrated American Independence Day, July 4th with a munch and a quiz.

 Using  American History as a base, the girls swung into action, batting the cake crumbs away, to match their wits against the questions being pitched.

Curve Ball……..Which President was born on the 4th of July.. ?

Cutter……..Who was Mother’s Day named after…?

      Fast Ball………What President invented bifocals spectacles..?

Slider……….Who was the first American woman to serve as a United States Ambassador…?

    HOME RUN !!!


We’re now on Twitter!



Hello everyone!

You can now find us on Twitter ,our username is @AGGantibullying !

Please follow us to keep up to date with all the exciting work that we do!


Anti Bullying Team x


This week’s Teaching Tip is another way to make sure that different members of the class have a chance to participate.
Give the pupils the opportunity to take ownership of the feedback by passing an object between the group (eg by using an inflatable ball, if safe to do so!) or by giving the girls a random number and getting the pupils to choose the next person by choosing a “number” to answer.
You can add challenge by insisting that the person who responds must make a comment or analysis of the previous point, before sharing their idea.
Many thanks to Emily for this week’s teaching tip