The Power of Words

The Power of Words

Hello Everyone!
Heres a quick post about the power of words.

Whilst we interact and speak to a range of people on many different platforms be it in person or online, its easy to forget the impact of a few words can have on someone. It might just make or break them.

Before you say something: Think, what could happen if I say it?

Happy Easter Holidays everyone!

Anti Bullying Team

Anti Bullying Updates! March 2013

Hello everyone!

We have some super exciting things going on in the world of Anti Bullying!.

Firstly, we are happy to announce that Alex Holmes, CEO of the Anti Bullying Ambassador Programme and TICH, upcoming singing sensation  (who is currently touring with Olly Murs!!) are visiting the school !

They will be coming on Friday  22th March to meet up with the Anti Bullying Ambassadors to see there progress and there will also be a anti bullying event  for all students in the Hall which includes a talk about the organisation as well as a performance from TICH so dont miss out on one amazing, informative lunchtime full of fun!

We’re so exciting for Friday and will let you all know of anymore updates shortly!


Anti Bullying Ambassadors x


Worlsdd Happiness Day 2013!
Worlsdd Happiness Day 2013!

Hello everyone and happy world happiness day!

This day is set up by United Nations in over 190 countries. Happiness Day doesn’t mean thay we suddenly become happy on this day , but it means that we’ve recognised that happiness is our goal and that we need to work harder to promote the things that really matter in the 21st century.

What also happens today is that the UN makes a report and finds out what really makes people happy in order ot find ways to improve the quality of lives of others.

Whilst income, family and location were viewed as key reasons for happiness, health and in particular Mental Health is really crucial inorder to remain happy. The most long term way to feel happy is to be compassionate and to ‘give more than you receive’ as making someone else happy gives you a sense of accomplishment and therefore makes you happy.

But remember, happiness starts from within. Once you appreciate what you have then positivity will radiate to others and make them feel happy too.

Quote of the Day: ” Happy people dont have the best of everything but instead make the best of everything.”
Hope everyone had a good day and lets make Happiness Day everyday!

Anti-bullying Team

The Power of Kindness

Hello Everyone!

Today we’re going to talk about kindness! Whilst everyone knows what it is, its easy to forget to act upon it especially as everyone’s super busy lately!
When you’re caught up in your own world, its easy to forget the people around you and how they are feeling. Its important to make sure that you remember people in your thoughts and help to make a difference to someones day.

It’s not hard to be kind. Infact, the best acts of kindness are free like a smile, a compliment , a hug or just simply saying ‘Thankyou’ to someone for what they’ve done shows that you appreciate their efforts.

Kindness also has this win-win effect, simply because, when you make someone happy YOU feel happy that  just the simple power of words or actions can have such a major impact. So why not try and do an act of kindness everyday?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Say something good behind someones back,
  • Smile !
  • Give genuine compliments to people- see the good in others.
  • Always be thankful

These are just a few suggestions but in your day to day life you will find that this list will continue to grow with more  ways to radiate positivity and goodness!

So with that, I shall leave you with this quote:

Kindness is the language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see” – Mark Twain.

Have a nice week everyone! and as always , one that is filled with happiness and productivity!

Anti Bullying Ambassador  x