Tempest Scrabble

Can YOU spell ….SHAKESPEARE…in 10 minutes ?


This was the quest for the girls this morning, as they heard a brief overview of the play”The Tempest”, and all the stories within the story….

with LOVE…


How many words can you make that describe what happens in this play with the Scrabble Letters?

The objective is to get a fresh look at a Shakespearean play, using visual imagery of pictures and illustrations to gain an insight into the descriptive words surrounding characters and actions.

Hi guys!

Recently we have been focusing on cyber bullying. We have looked at the risks of a certain site in particular, called askfm which we have asked to be blocked at school. If you have any worries about cyber bullying please approach us we don’t bite:)!

Also we have arranged a TV room which will be open to all on Mondays and Thursdays from 12:30 to 13:15 starting from Thursday 28th February (the first Thursday back) Come along and bring your lunch! Members of the Anti bullying team will be there so pop in for a chat and we can help you with any problems you are having. But don’t worry…you can still come even if you do not need to talk to us:) Keep checking our blog for news on which room the TV room will be as it is still being arranged or check out our posters around school!

Showing on Thurs 28th February:

Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone

We hope to see you all there 

The Anti Bullying Team x


Back To Back



These famous words, spoken by students around the world, were used to describe a picture in an Art Activity during Breakfast Club.

Sitting in pairs, back to back, the girls started their art works using only a verbal description from their partner holding the picture, who they could not see. Using only a vocabulary consisting of shapes, colours and lines, the girls’ coloured pencils flew across the page whipping up delicious shapes in 10 min. A little bit of English and Art, mixed with visual thinking in Maths, to start the morning.

Anyone for a cuppa of smiles………..?!!!

Oklahoma BINGO


The delicious flavour of a Wild West musical, mixed with musical notes and phrases, was served using a BINGO format, for our recent Breakfast Club activity. With quarter and half notes, treble clefs and dynamics, the girls devoured musical knowledge while the stirring sounds of “Oklahoma”  played  in the background.A good way to integrate different types of music across the curriculum.