What have we been up to so far?



We hope you’ve had an exciting anti bullying week, ours was great! We had lots of good feedback for  our anti bullying video, did you like it? Alex Holmes, one of the co founders of the Anti Bullying Ambassadors project, tweeted about it, and so far its had a total of 412 hits on Youtube!


 Here’ s what some people had to say about the video,


” We really enjoyed the video, it was very informative and made us feel empowered to make a difference”                                                                                      Rajiya and Hina. Year 7 students.


“This is a great video. It shows the clear stance AGGS takes against any form of bullying” 

                                                                                                                                Miss. Stokwisz


Did you like the video? Let us know what you think! Also, please share this video with all your contacts – we need everyone to stand up to bullying!

 We’re doing so much at the moment! Hopefully we will get the pupil friendly version of the schools anti bullying policy up on the BOBBY board ( outside lost property) soon, so that you can read about what AGGS does to combat bullying.

We’re also thinking of starting our first ever drop in session about bullying, for pupils from pupils and we’ve decided to make a banner for the balcony out of the hand prints you did, so keep handing them into miss bond!

 Do you have any more ideas? Please leave your ideas in the comment section below!

Bye for now and enjoy the holidays!


the aggs antibullying ambassadors xx

Holiday History


xmas stocking for blog

QUESTION: Who banned Christmas in England between 1647

and 1660 ?

ANSWER: Oliver Cromwell of course !

QUESTION: John Calcott Horsley designed what first commercial Christmas item in 1843 ?

ANSWER: The Christmas Card !

The girls dug deep for their History answers from facts they had learned in class, as well as some twisters thrown in for fun. We covered a wealth of History and time periods, and still managed to land back in 2012. (How far we travelled in time needs to be worked out in Maths now……!!!!)

War Of The Worlds


                        ARE THERE REALLY TV SETS ON JUPITER ??????

war of the worlds

I am a Dwarf planet. Who am I??…  How many moons does Saturn have…?

What does Sulfuric acid have to do with Venus?…..

The girls worked their way through a galaxy of planets, orbits and mythology to land on the right answer. With only 10 min. the girls worked like the speed of light to remember facts about outer space and Astronomy.

( Oh, and can someone please turn the TV off before you leave Jupiter…Thanks…!!)