First Post: Hello world and welcome!

Welcome to Anti-Bullying AGGS!

We’re a bunch of anti- bullying ambassadors who want to make a difference to our local community and we believe that the only way to do this is to raise awareness of the issue amoungst the youth of today using dynamic methods and advice.

On this blog we will also be showing you our progress as anti bullying ambassadors through everything notable that we have done, documenting our journey and how WE have grown as individuals through this process.

And remember, you can always contact us with any queries, issues via and as always, we will deal with your queries effectively and with confidentiality.

We hope that you enjoy our blog, learn something and be inspired.

Till next time.

Anti Bullying Team

The Big Picture

Can you make a round face with squares?

Can you learn a new language in 10 min.?

One of the activities we did recently in the Japanese Club at Lunchtime was to build a gigantic girl’s face from coloured card squares. But this was not just any old face. Every piece of card had a Japanese character on it, hand drawn by the girls in year 9.  With input from the Japanese teacher and a little bit of organization, all girls from year 9 drew a Japanese character at the same time, in form time, around the school. Girls later assembled the face with huge eyes and curly blue hair on an old poster size paper.

 Excitement about which character they chose, what the character was, and how to draw it flowed over in other classes during the day, with girls describing what they had learned. A good way to challenge students in a large group and create Art ….!!

Croissants and Jam

I am a hot buttered croissant…I am a  mushy bowl of cereal….I am a crunchy sweet apple… 

The girls worked quickly to make as many Breakfast foods in French, using the Scrabble letters,whilst smelling the lovely aroma from the kitchen on a cold and frosty morning. Using the visual pictures and names, the girls got to work sorting out the letters for the foods. After a grilling 5 min. the girls cooked up some mouth watering words and….an appetite!