Master Chef In History

A  delightful, delicious, delectable, delicate, dainty and …’s a MOUSE !!

The girls listened to tales of wierd and wonderful food throughout the ages, with skeptical eyes. Was it true that pies were baked with live birds and sailors had square bowls ? The History quiz was a fun reminder of the difference of what we eat today, and how it has evolved through time.

Anyone for a pie with wings ?

The Sounds of Art

Music and Art for Breakfast…can I have more please !!!

In Breakfast Club we often have one of the girls playing a musical instrument to accompany our morning activity.

It gives the girls confidence to play in front of  their peers, as well as give a calming mood to the hectic 10 min. scramble. With our Art Puzzle activity the girls used their logic skills to reconstruct a painting and learn about a new artist at the same time, with lovely flute notes wafting through the air. Cross curriculum crunchies for breakfast.

Try it !!


Who can make the longest sentence using connective words and phrases that go together… like fish and chips?

This was the challenge the girls had this morning with a basket full of laminated half sentences and words.

Does it have to make sense..?

No..but it needs verbs.

Can I use as many connective words as I want?

Yes…make it as creative and descriptive as you like, but you have to say it all in one breath !!

Oh…it might need a bit of salt and vinegar…

To download this quiz as a .pdf file please click here