Rabbit Mystery Unfolds



Making an Origami Rabbit that inflates to show how Maths can come to life, is one of the challenging activities the girls in the Breakfast Club took on in April.  The girls used recycled music programs that gave a nice spice of a pattern, twisting and folding the shapes,until a flat 2-d shape emerged. With a short burst of air through a small hole in the folded shape, the rabbit comes to life as a 3-D sculpture, using Maths, Technology and Art skills, with Japanese culture.

Dancing Pictures


A popular activity we used in Breakfast Club this year involved showing how moving pictures were first made using a Zoetrope from Science, and paper strips of figures and objects moving in sequences, made by the Science and Art Club girls.  We combined the visual performance of a 19th century toy with a 21st century Dance Terms quiz from the PE department, with fun results. .

Movies will never be the same again !!

The Case of the Stolen Paintings

“I have gathered all you PC’s together this morning to help solve the case of the Stolen Paintings…”, said the Chief Constable with a raised eyebrow…

An activity from Breakfast Club which combined Art paintings and Haiku Writing in English showed how the girls could use their imaginative skills in 10 min.!!  The girls worked in teams to reconstruct a different painting cut up in puzzle pieces. When they had completed this task, their eyes turned to writing a code for the PC’s to apprehend the criminals, from a list of phrases,using a Haiku format.

Morning Imagination Generator Guaranteed !!

Seeing is believing

What do you see? 

Now look at this again…is the picture true in what it says?

How the mind perceives objects and colour combinations was a task we used in Breakfast Club, combining Science, Art and even History. Using an artist from 16th century Italy, who painted portraits in fruit and vegetables, to modern day street artists who create vast chalk canyons on the pavement, the girls were shown how all is not as it seems to the eye. Colour words like Red were written in Blue, Yellow in Green, and so on. This diagram was also used to show how one can look at a picture but not really see what is there. But the best trick is to write the word Teach, then hold it up to a mirror, and it says Learn. M…a…g…i..c!!!