The world of inventors and their creations have been squashed into one cube….How can that be ?...you say.

Read on dear reader and all will be revealed !….One of our activities in Breakfast Club has been how to combine Technology and Maths in 10 min. We started with a cut-out flat plan of a cube, on which we wrote various parts of questions and answers about inventions and inventors. The girls worked in pairs to assemble the 3-D cube shape and find  who was the creative genius behind everyday inventions, which came to light once the shape took hold.  A unique way to visualize shapes and learn something new!!


Remember the folded shape you made in primary school to tell you your future true love like a crystal ball ? The fortune teller shape is back, and being used in Breakfast Club Activities, for subjects such as Art, Maths and others. We have also used the folded shape to ask questions on Pastoral topics with year 9’s in form time, which had a good response. Sometimes things we used in the past can be recycled and remolded for the present.!!

How to make the perfect cup of tea

Who would have thought that one could make a perfect cup of tea using Maths and Spanish?!! This is one of the Breakfast Club Activities we did this year, where we used Tanagrams with the different steps of “How to make a cup of tea” in Spanish. The girls used their mathematical skills to make up the Tanagram puzzle shape, noting down the steps in Spanish which were on the puzzle pieces.

A good way to refresh simple Problem Solving and Language skills all in one, and have fun!!

To download this resource as a .pdf file please click here


Who will our contestant Good queen Maude choose as her “Perfect Match”? Yes, you guessed it, Henry I. An while we are on the subject of strong personalities, who will Matilda of Flanders choose as her soul mate…Yes William the Conqueror, you have won ! A good spin on the wives and consorts of the English rulers, who often get forgotten and left behind in the History books, put in a game show format type quiz.