“Who is this guy Boz ?”asked the detective with

a NewYork twist of words. The girls provided

clues to the character of the writer Charles

Dickens through his novels, life and tasty

characters. The Trilby hat Detective put them

through a tough interrogation, but the girls

came through with flying colours ! A good way

 to add drama to a quiz.

Breakfast Club Awesome Origami 13 June

What helps with revision for exams at 8 a.m. in the morning ? A lovely piece of hot buttered toast and…..making a gigantic Origami butterfly out of old movie posters ! The girls got to work on 2 huge Origami butterflies, folding and twisting until the paper came to life.  Small origami  paper was also provided as well. The posters were aquired from local cinemas and have a good texture to them for large constructions.  One of the butterflies is going to live in the Library while the other butterfly will be winging it home to a beaming year 7 student with an “awesome smile”.