Diary of a Bookworm

What does a favourite book and chocolate cake have in common?
Answer: You remember the taste of the words and the smell of the action.
The girls were read various quotes from the top 12 most popular books from the school library. They then thought about which character and book they had read with that flavour of writing. With just a hint of a character or taste of a scene they managed to find clues to the answers.
A good activity to get the girls interested in new books or go back to their old favourites.

G&T breakfast club 23 May

Fruits multicloloured,a whirlwind of flavours….jingles about drinking a healthy fruit drink combined English and Food Tech. as the girls used their creativity and smells from the kitchen to come up with some mouth watering poems!! Visual thinking at its best !


Racing Lizards carry on with Chemistry and Science Quiz ! Our fast lizards, some named Bob, Lizzy and Keith, raced down the grid to answer scientific queries. The girls showed their excitement by cheering their favourite lizards(artificial) on. Good time had by all !!

Chemistry elements Bingo

In the old version, element symbols were drawn from a hat. But in this new elements bingo, I have a set of questions about the elements. Students need to know what the element is and see if they have it in their grid.

Think ‘inside’ the box

Thinking “inside” the box, using Tanagram puzzle pieces to make up as many take-away foods in 5 min., inside the packaging. The objective is to show how much packaging is thrown away every time we have a take-away meal. Could it be recycled? Additional empty food containers/packages from the kitchen were used as resources, then given to the Technology Department .
Cross curriculum to wake up those tired minds in the morning. Great!!