Art Trip to Madrid February 2017

February Half Term Trip

Students near in Lichtenstein's sculpture at the Reina SofiaThe art department took 18 art students to Madrid and Toledo during February Half Term, under the guidance of Ms Payne, visited marvellous galleries including The Reina Sofia (where we saw the powerful Guernica painting by Picasso),  Thyssen-Bornemisza and The Prado.

Year 9 Art workshop with the fabulous textile artist Priscilla Jones

Year 9 workshop with Priscilla Jones
Year 9 workshop with Priscilla Jones

On Monday 16th January the Art Department invited the brilliant and successful textile artist Priscilla Jones to do a full day 3d wire and textile workshop for a group of Year 9 pupils. It was a busy and productive day where the girls worked creatively with new media making a collection of delicate sculptures using silk, paper covered wire and wax, guided by Priscilla.

Priscilla has been producing contemporary stitched mixed media pieces in 2D and 3D since completing her degree in Embroidery at Manchester Metropolitan University in 1997. She draws her inspiration from a variety of sources exploring the concept of identity, memory and nostalgia. She is continuously exhibiting across the UK and her fashion/interior fabrics and wallpaper is exported to Europe, Australia and the USA.

The girls thoroughly enjoyed the day: ‘It was great to spend the whole day making and using new materials’ , ‘It’s been great fun

Year 10 Homework Examples..

Year 10 were asked to complete a six box composition inspired by their natural forms theme. They used a variety of different media to achieve this. A set of very pleasing outcomes. Some are still works in progress. Great work!

Showing your “workings out”…

It’s just as valuable and important to show your experiments and working out when in Art too like you would have to in Maths. It’s just done in a different way! This shows some lovely watercolour testing, showing a wide range of colour mixing skills, getting it just right before it gets put on her actual painting. We love seeing evidence of this in your sketchbooks so never discard it. It forms part of the assessment objectives so is very valuable

Creating examples for year 7 fantastical plantforms…

I have been making my own examples for my year 7 classes to inspire and motivate their work.

The design sheets were featured last week as artists of the week and now we are beginning to make. I really enjoy getting this hands on practical side to our subject and I hope my step by step photo guide helps my classes to break their own designs down into achievable making stages.

Starting with the planning and design work.

Sculpting shapes and forms using card, straws, wire and paper mache.

Making sure they are all covered with a white base, either with mod-rock or white tissue paper. This makes a better base for painting and pattern work.

It’s starting to take shape now, with paint being added, decorative details and textures.

A work in progress so I will post the final piece once I have completed it alongside the students responses.

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