Marianne Styger

Marianne Styger

“I went to Altrincham Grammar School for Girls and now I am a Festival Director managing international film festivals”.

Marianne, Festival Director

Years attended:


Job Title:

Festival Director

Description of Job:

Manage an international film festival that hosts a weekend of talks and workshops from people in the film industry such as Eddie Redmayne, Bill Nighy, Richard Curtis, etc. and co-ordinate a student film competition across 56 countries on 6 continents.

O Levels/GCSEs

English Lit (A*)

English Lang (A*)

French (A*)

Maths (A*)

Spanish (A*)

Double Science (A* A*)

Art (A)

History (A*)

A Levels

French (A*)

English Literature (A*)

Spanish (A*)

History (A*)


University of Cambridge

Courses: Modern and Medieval Languages : French and ab-initio Italian

What inspired you at school?

Certain teachers who genuinely wanted you to achieve the best results of your ability.

Any useful tips/advice?

Work as hard as possible as you don’t know what opportunities it will open up!

What have you done since leaving AGGS to get to where you are today? (eg work experience, GAP year, apprenticeship, volunteering, travelling)

I gained work experience at Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney World Resort Florida, London 2012 Olympic Games, Kumon and Halsbury Travel Scheme to Salamanca. Volunteered at La Jolie Ronde French tuition centres. I didn’t take a GAP year but had a 1 year placement teaching English in Quebec, Canada through my degree.

How did you get into your current role?

I signed up to the festival in my first year at university when it was running as a student society for the first time. I stayed with it throughout my 4 years at university, and incorporated it as a private company upon graduating and began to run the festival as a full-time business.

What is the best bit about your job and do you have a particular careers highlight?

I get to work in the film industry without being involved directly in production. Provide opportunities to students all across the world. Varied day to day.