Katie Diss

Katie Diss

“I went to Altrincham Grammar School for Girls, and now I am a Dentist running my own NHS dental practice.”

Katie, Dentist

Years attended:


Job Title:


Description of Job:

General dentistry in a busy NHS Practice

O Levels/GCSEs

3 grade A

3 grade B

3 grade C

A Levels

3 A Levels grade C


Sheffield University

Course: BDS 5 year degree in Dentistry

What inspired you at school?

Always the ability to achieve my true potential.

Any useful tips/advice?

Take every bit of help offered to you and don’t ever think you can’t do it. You can!

What have you done since leaving AGGS to get to where you are today? (eg work experience, GAP year, apprenticeship, volunteering, travelling)

Went to Sheffield University to achieve BDS 5 year degree.

What specific qualifications are needed for your job?

BDS Dental degree

Are there any particular subjects that have to be studied to be able to do your job?

Chemistry and Biology A level

What is a typical work day like for you?

Busy fast moving varied enjoyable and very people based.

What is the best bit about your job and do you have a particular career highlight?

After treatment when people say, ‘It wasn’t that bad!!’ Building a relationship with patients I’ve been treating for 20 years in the same practice.

What are the worst things about your job?

Time constraints and people not turning up for appointments.

What skills help you most in your job (i.e. teamwork, communication, leadership, time management)?

Teamwork, communication, time management. Being interested in people and being caring.

What advice would you give to students looking to get into your line of work? (e.g. subjects to study, getting work experience)

Work hard. Research the course and get some work experience. Visit the university open days and speak to dental students.

How did your experience at AGGS help you to achieve your successes?

Great teaching and an encouragement to achieve my potential.