AHF Bake Sale

AGGS is currently holding a bake sale to raise money for the Alex Hulme Foundation.


The Alex Hulme Foundation is a charity formed in the name of Alex Hulme, a boy who suffered from Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. he was diagnosed in March 2011, but unfortunately passed away on Monday September 5th 2011 when his cancer returned. Elisha, the student leading the bake sale, personally knew Alex and wants to raise as much money for the charity as possible.

The Alex Hulme Foundation aims to raise money to fund research for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, a type of cancer. To find out more, please visit www.alexhulmefoundation.co.uk

To show your support, please come to the main hall at rec and lunch on Friday 20th Nov to buy some delicious doughnuts, brownies, cookies and more!


One of our newest member of staff is Mr Flanagan, from the History department. After weeks of persuasion, Mr Dickson (who was finding it hard to cope, no longer being new!) finally allowed us to interview Mr Flanagan:

How are you finding AGGS (compared to other schools)?
I’m really really enjoying it! It’s been great, I think what’s been wonderful so far, compared to maybe other schools I’ve worked at, is the attitude of the students in terms of really wanting to learn and I think that makes it a pleasure to teach really. So yeah, I’ve settled in really well.

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Year 8 Enterprise

Year 8 Enterprise happened on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

Run by Mrs Gillibrand, Mrs Gerrard and Sarah Lee (Krizevac UK), year 8 students were taken off timetable to take part in a Social Enterprise day.

The girls watched an inspiring video by the Krizevac charity and had to design their own small business which would benefit the developing community in Malawi, Africa. The students learnt about small businesses, how to bring money back into the community and how to help end poverty in a very poor country.

When asked how she thought this would benefit students, Sarah Lee said that she wanted to show girls that a small business could make a big difference in a country such as Malawi.

One year 8 group’s idea was to set up design technology courses which would allow local people to learn skills for building furniture. These skills could then be applied by the people who take the courses to set up their own businesses and earn their own living.

Link to Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFI71r6Htz8

Y8 STEM Event

Last week, 59 selected Year 8s’ enjoyed participating in a workshop with Tomorrow’s Engineers. The pupils took part in many experiments; taking a perspective into the future and how energy will be used.

The Making of Solar Paneled Cars...
The Making of Solar Paneled Cars…

We managed to interview Roxy from Tomorrow’s Engineers during an enthusiastic presentation about types of energy…

What does the company want to achieve?                                                          ‘We want to inspire students into thinking about a career in engineering. We have an aging population therefore we need new engineers to replace those who are retiring.They can teach the younger generation about the topic.’

Who began the project?                                                                                                   ‘Dr. Cosby Smallpeice; an engineer who left a trust after he passed away. Tomorrow’s Engineers is also a charity!’

Why should preserving energy be important?                                                  ‘With a fast growing population we have a higher requirement of energy because more people want to use cars etc. This is very important for the younger generation to understand.’

And even Roxy claimed one of the benefits for the Year 8s’ was they got to miss lessons!

AGGS Mock Elections

A week before the real elections, we decided to hold our very own mock elections to give younger pupils the opportunity to vote and see who would have been AGGS’ prime minister!

The day before voting commenced, Mrs Bowyer grilled the candidates in the Leader’s Debate, which was open for the whole school to see.  We interviewed a candidate to see how she felt speaking in the spotlight…

Phoebe in Year 11 was the candidate for the Labour party and she said: “It was stressful because the competition were dealing well with the questions, but once I got up there it was actually fun and I enjoyed it. Mrs Bowyer was kind and helped a lot. On a scale from one to Jeremy Paxman, she was a 7!”

Phoebe and the rest of the Labour party went on to win the first ever AGGS mock election. Congratulations to Labour!


Mr Carr’s Pie Week!

Last week AGGS students were given the unique opportunity (which many of us had been waiting years for!) to pie Mr Carr in the face, all in the name of charity. As part of his 121212, he decided to pull out all the stops for Comic Relief and allowed both the staff and pupils to throw a pie at him.


This extravaganza took place every single lunch time for one week, in various different places around school, ranging from the centenary gardens to the drama studio.

All together, Mr Carr managed to raise £120 and all the money he managed to raise will be going to charity.


As part of the Word Book Day celebration, we held our first ever Shelfie competition which involved thirty eight willing teachers sending in photos of their book shelves.
The aim of the competition was very simple. Pupils had to guess which bookshelf belonged to which teacher! However it was not as easy as it seemed…

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Mr Toman and Mr Lemmon

After a slow start we managed to drag Mr Toman away from the maths, long enough  to interview him, along with Mr Lemmon…

How are you finding AGGS?
Mr Toman: Yeah, I’m really enjoying it! Its a really good school, I really enjoy meeting all the teachers and its an inspiration how motivated all the young girls are
Mr Lemmon: I have to add also that compared to a typical comprehensive school, obviously it’s very different being a grammar school, but also there is more passion with the pupils about their education and about the school in general.
Mr Toman: It definitely seems a school where you would be proud to be a student.
Mr Lemmon: Yeah! Last month the school league tables were released and AGGS was second in the country….and that’s all because of Mr Toman and I!

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Arabian Nights And Bollywood Dreams!

Are you interested in the many cultures of Arabia and South Asia?
If so, the Arabian Nights And Bollywood Dreams event is for you!
When: Friday the 27th March
Where: The Main Hall
Time: 6:30pm – 9:00pm
Everyone is invited to take part in an evening celebrating the cultures of Arabia and South Asia to raise money for Human Appeal’s ‘Our Haven‘ project.

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Noughts and Crosses!

“Noughts and Crosses” is a popular book by Malorie Blackman and it was adapted by students from AGGS and AGSB into a drama production which was performed on Thursday 5th and Friday 6th February.

The story describes an alternative history and it shows segregation between African people (Crosses) and Europeans (Noughts) where African people have an advantage over the Europeans.

The play was a collaboration between the two schools and it was performed by students from Year 12 and 11. Well done to Emma and Alzahra from Year 12 for organising the play, with the help of the drama department!