Pride parade reinforcing love and unity

A Pride parade that has been held though central London attracted 10,000s of supporters. Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London describes the celebration of Pride as a wonderful and love-filled event to bring happiness to the community amongst the tradegy of recent weeks.

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Panda Pals!

Chinese President Xi Jinping has lent 2 giant panda bears to Berlin Zoo as a symbol of the unity between the two countries. He and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have opened a garden which will serve as the animals’ new home.

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Is the NHS about to have a revolution in diagnosis?

Our human bodies have about 20,000 genes (groups of DNA instructions that control our bodies.) Sometimes, there are little errors in the code, either inherited from parents or minor mutations in cells, which can lead to illnesses such as cancer. A process called whole genome screening (WGS) is a way doctors can identify specific errors which, in about two-thirds of cases, can improve diagnosis and care. Over 31,000 NHS patients have already had their entire genetic code sequenced but Dame Sally wants WGS to become as standard as blood tests and biopsies, that is, if the country can afford it.

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Is Northern Ireland’s female population about to gain access to free abortion?

The government has announced that the women of Northern Ireland will be able to get free abortions whilst in England instead of having to pay. It’s a labour based policy –co-ordinated by Stella Creasy- that’s been supported by over 50 MPs from multiple major parties. At the moment, abortions are only allowed in Northern Ireland if there is a serious risk to the women’s health, mentally or physically, or to her life; factors regarding the health of the foetus or cases of incest or rape are not currently eligible circumstances for legal abortion there.

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Blog Ideas

Hi girls! Welcome again to the new and updated AGGS News Blog. We’ll be posting lots about what’s going on in the news, as well as other articles you may be interested in which could affect you. If you have any suggestions as to what you would like to view, please leave a comment on this post. We aim to keep this blog regularly updated so be sure to check each week 🙂



How to combat your sugar cravings in exams:

During exams, we all know how we crave unhealthy snacks when revising. Here are some great alternatives that you could try! But, don’t forget to treat yourself once in a while!

  1. Smoothies – they contain a lot of natural sugar but do not have processed ingredients within them. They also contain vitamins and minerals which will help aid your immune system. Recipe: frozen raspberries, mango, coconut milk, water, yoghurt, chia seeds and strawberries!
  2. Bread sticks- try with hummus or guacamole
  3. Fruit- as it is easily snackable and good for you
  4. Frozen grapes- Put some grapes in the freezer overnight and in the morning snack on. They taste like ice-lollies but are a healthy option.
  5. Homemade flapjacks with honey. Look on BBC good food for a great recipe.

Good luck in all your exams! 🙂

Media of the Week

From all year 11 school council members, we strongly recommend CGP revision guides in the lead up to GCSE exams. These great books contain useful revision material for a variety of subjects, and hilarious jokes. They are guaranteed to keep you reading for hours!

An anonymous year 11 says: ‘CGP books have made my revision so much easier! All the notes I need in one handy book! Thank you CGP!’

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Government cuts to minority sport funding for Tokyo 2020

The Government has significantly cut many minority sport’s funding, resulting in lack of facilities and equipment which may reduce medal chances and participation. For Tokyo 2020 the total sports budget is £345,279,427 many of this coming from the national lottery. Currently the Olympic funding is £265,145,887 but the Paralympic funding is only £70,883,540 even though more specialist equipment is needed. The sports that have been affected by the cut, are badminton (a popular sport for many here), rowing, modern pentathlon, archery, fencing, table tennis, weight lifting, goal ball, wheelchair rugby. Even cycling which is not deemed to be a minority sport has had its budget cut by over £4 million even after great success at Rio.

Badminton had its funding cut from £7.4m to £5.9m after London 2012, after no players managed the minimum fourth-to-eighth-placed finish that had been targeted. Yet despite the surprise success of Ellis and Langridge, the sport will not get a slice of the £345m of national lottery and government funding which UK Sport has announced will be invested over the next four years.