Interview: Miss Hamilton

This week we interviewed Miss Hamilton, a new English teacher who has been welcomed by AGGS. It was a pleasure to interview Miss Hamilton and we hope you enjoy!

How are you finding life here at AGGS? 

There’s a lot to keep up with but it’s an amazing place to work! I am really enjoying it.

Have you made any new friends? 

Yes, the English department have been so welcoming and I feel like I’ve developed some great relationships with both staff and all of my classes.

What was your least favourite subject in school?

I enjoyed most subjects in school but if I had to pick, I would probably say PE! I enjoyed a few things like dance and rounders but there were some things – cross country for example – that I would really dread!

What were your A-Level subjects?

I did English, Biology, Psychology, Maths and General Studies. In hindsight, I wish I’d done more humanities subjects as I couldn’t decide and tried to do a little bit of everything – would not recommend! Go with what you enjoy doing the most.

Why did you want to become an English teacher? 

I really like that when you teach, every day is different and time flies by so quickly because there’s so much to do. It’s never boring, that’s for sure! Also, ultimately, I just love reading literature and talking about it and teaching English means I get to do that every day!

Can you tell us one interesting fact about yourself? 

Outside of school I bake model cakes and gingerbread models for celebrations and events!    

Do you have any advice for AGGS students? If I could go back and talk to myself in Secondary school I would tell myself not to worry about the little things so much. Enjoy learning and treasure time spent getting to know your friends and yourself. Explore everything on offer to you and once you find your passions, don’t be afraid to follow them!

Thank you for giving up your time for this interview Miss Hamilton!

Goodbye Mr Capon!

School technician, photographer and most importantly, co-founder of the AGGS News Blog, Mr Capon, is sadly leaving us at the end of this academic year. After four years at this school, here’s what he had to say…

Why are you leaving?
I’m leaving AGGS to pursue a career in teaching, so I’m going to do my teacher training next year. I’ll start in September, and it lasts a year so I’ll probably finish around this time next year and should get a nice long summer.

Why do you want to go into teaching?
Obviously I’ve enjoyed my job here, it’s been good fun- but I want to challenge myself a bit more and I think teaching is the way forward. I’ve learnt a lot during my time at AGGS, one of which is interacting with pupils and I think I can apply that to my teaching and subject knowledge.

Where are you going?
I’m going to Cheadle Hulme High, and I’ll spend two terms at Cheadle Hulme and then another term in a different school. I applied for a couple of different schools, but Cheadle Hulme was my first option so I got the place there, and I took it!

Why computer science?
Well to start off it’s definitely the best subject anyone can take, without question! Obviously I’ve worked in I.T. since I’ve been here and I’ve always been interested in computers and how they work and computer science is a relatively new concept in school and has taken over ICT. I think it’s a fantastic opportunity for people to learn more about computers. I personally didn’t take ICT but now that people have the opportunity to take computer science, I’d love to teach that and give something back

What will you miss most about AGGS?
Honestly just the staff and the pupils. I’ve made a load of really good friends here and the pupils are fantastic, most of the time as well! The best thing about AGGS I think is the opportunities the staff get and pupils, not only in the classroom and around school, as I have been fortunate enough to go on a lot of trips which has given me a different insight into what can be learnt outside the classroom and I’ve seen some girls really flourish on these trips.

What have you taken from this school?
I’ve not stolen anything, I promise! But when I joined- almost four years ago- I was almost quite shy, I think everyone agrees with that! As part of my role I’ve taken on as much as I can. I’ve started and helped clubs, done as many trips as I can…the blog! I’ve gotten involved as much as I can around school and that’s given me the confidence to go on and teach. I feel like if I hadn’t been at this school it would’ve have panned out the way it has which I am very fortunate for.

Any final words of advice?
Just carry on as you’re doing, the things I’ve seen here have been fantastic, the hard work, the dedication, the friendships! It’s been great and hopefully the SDL will carry on too!

We would like to thank Mr Capon for all his help throughout the years, and we wish him the best of luck in the future!



This year, AGGS has welcomed many new staff members! The Year 11s interviewed the new librarian, Mrs Hodgson (thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule). Here is the result!

How are you finding life here at AGGS? 

It is very hectic here but I love it already. This is my dream job!

Why did you want to become a librarian?

I wanted to work in libraries because I love books and reading. I started out in university libraries but there is much more fun to be had in schools!

Have you made any new friends?

The staff here are very welcoming so yes. Also my team of librarians have been a great help.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

I lived in China for a year as part of my degree course.

What A-Levels did you take?

English literature, French, German and General Studies. I found my A-Levels the hardest stretch if my academic life. It’s tough but worth the effort.

Do you have any advice for AGGS students?

Be kind to yourself and be kind to others. Know that you will always get a second chance and that you can change the world!

Thank you to Mrs Hodgson!


The newest member of staff from the English department, Dr Adamson, kindly agreed to let us interview her. Here is the result!

How are you finding AGGS?                                                                                         I love it! I am settling in very well and I have classes in every year group. The English department have also welcomed me.

Why did you want to teach English?                                                                        I have always had a passion for English. I originally started teaching English to adults at university. I also worked in libraries and archives. The next stage was to introduce young people to English!

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One of our newest member of staff is Mr Flanagan, from the History department. After weeks of persuasion, Mr Dickson (who was finding it hard to cope, no longer being new!) finally allowed us to interview Mr Flanagan:

How are you finding AGGS (compared to other schools)?
I’m really really enjoying it! It’s been great, I think what’s been wonderful so far, compared to maybe other schools I’ve worked at, is the attitude of the students in terms of really wanting to learn and I think that makes it a pleasure to teach really. So yeah, I’ve settled in really well.

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Mr Toman and Mr Lemmon

After a slow start we managed to drag Mr Toman away from the maths, long enough  to interview him, along with Mr Lemmon…

How are you finding AGGS?
Mr Toman: Yeah, I’m really enjoying it! Its a really good school, I really enjoy meeting all the teachers and its an inspiration how motivated all the young girls are
Mr Lemmon: I have to add also that compared to a typical comprehensive school, obviously it’s very different being a grammar school, but also there is more passion with the pupils about their education and about the school in general.
Mr Toman: It definitely seems a school where you would be proud to be a student.
Mr Lemmon: Yeah! Last month the school league tables were released and AGGS was second in the country….and that’s all because of Mr Toman and I!

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Interview: Mr England

Mr England is a new trainee teacher for the English department. We caught up one lunch time to see how things were going…

How are you finding AGGS?
“I’m finding it wonderful. I think the first thing to make clear is that the amount of support that trainee teachers get in this school is phenomenal. Within the English department, my mentor Miss O’Hara has been incredibly supportive- as have the rest of the department in terms of improving my teaching and showing the high expectations the school has. The other thing which is wonderful about the school is the pupils in it. The girls are extremely motivated, extremely creative and just a lot of fun to work with!”

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Interview: Miss Maunder

This year, Miss Maunder became the newest member of the IT/Computing department. We caught up with her to see how she is finding her first term at AGGS!

How are you finding AGGS (compared to other schools)?
“I am really enjoying working at AGGS! The students are really friendly and hardworking.”

What’s the best thing about AGGS?
“The students and the surroundings – it’s nice to look out of the window and see so many trees!”

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