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As previously mentioned, many of you will be considering your Visa applications. I should like to highlight the time frame for applying for Visa applications, taken from multiple sources that deal with such applications.

  • It is recommended that you apply for your Visa up to 2 months before travel. The consulate may not accept your application before this time.
  • The Visa should last for six months. Do check with the authority who prescribes the Visa on the time limit so that it is valid for our trip in October.
  • You may require the following:
    • Passport of applicant
    • Completed application from the official visa website:
    • 2 x 50x50mm photographs of the pupil
    • Copy of parents’/carers’ passport
    • Parents permission letter for them to travel to India with Altrincham Grammar school for Girls if child is under 16
    • Child’s birth certificate (parents’ names should be detailed on the birth certificate)
    • If you have been asked for anything else, please do comment on here. I have spoken to the Tour Company and they said that you should not need confirmation of my Visa/letter from me unless it is a group Visa. If this is still required, please let me know.
    • For further questions, the official number for Visa applications is: 0203 793 8629.

Hopefully, this clears some obscurity re: Visa applications. I am devising a student handbook that will be handed out shortly, once teacher details/numbers are finally confirmed. Mr Davenport.

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  1. Dear Mr Davenport,
    I just wanted to let you know that the amount on Parentpay does not yet include the extra £12. I have paid £1,970 so far but still need to pay the extra £12. Could you let us all know how we go about paying this additional amount to you.
    Sue Wright

  2. I took Lizzie to get hers last week. It was super quick this time and they did not need my passport and I didn’t need her birth certificate either. You might need those though if you have Pakistani parents or grandparents. Remember a self addressed special delivery envelope.
    Last time I got one for myself they were very fussy about the photos. I had 2 lots done of the correct size at Barry Bladons in Hale, both of which were rejected, so I went to Max Speilmann in Stretford. I figured they would do a lot there and they knew the sizes etc straight away.
    They also still seem to have the old visa office address on their appointment slips.
    It is now at Universal Square, Devonshire Street North.

    1. Thank you for your input, Lena. It seems to be very misleading, particularly as many people have different experiences.

      Please could you forward a copy of the Visa to school when you receive it. Thank you.

  3. I am filling the visa application form online but don’t know how to fill the box of Visible identification marks. Any ideas? Thanks!

    1. I think this is any physical marks your daughter may have that may be distinguishing features, although I may be wrong.

  4. Hi It’s me again. When completing the visa online form for my daughter, what to fill in for Reference in india and reference in the UK?

    1. The UK reference should be the parent/yourself.

      The India reference should be:

      Country Inn & Suites by Carlson
      Chattarpur Road
      New Delhi
      Tel: 91 11 2922 1911

      Which is the first hotel we shall be staying in; I hope that helps.

  5. Trying to fill out online form. Grandparents from Pakistan so it’s taken me to another page asking for “Address of Relatives/bussiness associates/ contact persons at places of visit” and requires name, address, village, state, district, pin code and phone number fields to be filled in. Would be grateful for guidance.

  6. Sorry Finding the Indian visa website very difficult to navigate and to understand how I should be applying.

  7. Dear Mr Davenport
    We went to apply for Mariam Ahmed’s Visa today. We processed it online (in July, given appointment for today) and took all the above documents with us. However it was not accepted. As she has grandparents of Pakistani origin they have asked for a lot more information.
    In addition to the above we need:
    1. A copy of the accompanying teachers passport and visa
    2. A letter from the accompanying teacher stating that they are taking the child on a school trip to India, are taking responsibility for the child while on the trip, have parental permission from parents for this, have organized tickets and accomadation for the entire trip (may be helpful to have the itinerary) which have been booked beforehand.
    3. Several other forms and information that we are filling in now.
    They need 45 working days to process this so we need to get it done as soon as possible.
    I would be grateful if you could make contact with us so we can get it done quickly without risk of not being granted the visa on time.
    Dr Fari Ahmed.

    1. Hello Dr Ahmed, I believe you spoke to a colleague of mine and have sorted this problem. Do let me know if not and I’ll email you in the interim. Scott.

  8. Hi
    Bad news about the visa unfortunately. Tessa and I just returned from the office. The guy said we ought to have four other documents, as follows:
    -letter from teacher saying he/she will assume responsibility for the child (because aged under 16)
    -copy of teacher’s passport
    -copy of teacher’s visa for India
    -letter from the school explaining the reason for the trip

    So the visa was denied until these four additional documents can be provided. I guess this means waiting until the term starts again in September. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you

    1. Hi Damian, have you had any update on this? I’m going to the Visa application centre on Friday and will be speaking to them about this so should have a clearer understanding of the situation. If they still require the above documents following this, I should be able to help you. Of course, I am sure you can understand my reluctance to share copies of my passport so perhaps my meeting with the consulate will ease the process. I’ll let you know the update as soon as I can. Scott.

      1. Hi Scott
        Further to your meeti g yesterday, do you have an update? We have an appointment on Monday and therefore any update would be appreciated.

        1. Hi Rachel, if you read my most recent blog post and follow the instructions you should have everything you need. Good luck!

          1. Hi. I have sent you an email as per your blog. Our appointment is at 10am on Monday. If you are able to reply before then – that would be great. Thanks.

  9. Hello Mr Davenport
    Following Damian’s blog above on the 22nd…. I am about to apply online for my daughters visa. Do I need info Damian has listed? Namely your passport, visa and supporting doc.

  10. We have an appointment on Friday 28th August to go through Amelia’s visa application and I would be grateful if you could send through the passport details and supporting letter as discussed in the Blog.
    Regards Neil

  11. Hi Scott
    We’ve just come back from holiday yesterday and went to the indian visa application centre today without checking this blog in advance. As a consequence, our application hasn’t been accepted by the visa application centre. So please sent me the required documents asap so that we can re-apply. Thanks! Alan Wu Father of Qiaochu Wu

    1. I believe that parents can go alone so long as you take all the relevant information. I only know this from one parents comment that they have been told they can go alone. Maybe others can advise?

  12. Phew – Amelia’s visa has arrived.

    Based on our experience the following information is required:

    – Copy of daughter’s full birth certificate;
    – Copy of parents passports (photo page);
    – Letter from parents stating that you are happy for your daughter to go on the trip and to be in the care of school staff (signed by both parents). Amelia is over 16 but we still needed to provide this information;
    – Letter from school stating that they have organised the trip;
    – Letter from school stating that they will take responsibility for daughter during trip;
    – Copy of Mr Davenport’s Visa;
    – Copy of Mr Davenport’s passport (photo page);
    – If you don’t select the option to have the passport returned via courier, during the on-line application process, you also need to provide a return envelope – we bought an envelope from the post office which guarantees delivery by 1pm the next day with signatures (cost about £7).

    On the application form you need to quote a local referee, as well as a referee for India, – this needs to be a friend or relative. We put ourselves down but had to manually change the information when we had our appointment in Manchester.

    In terms of the letter from school the one that has been issued covers both the fact that the school have organised the trip and that Mr Davenport will take care of our daughter. When we had the appointment in Manchester the person we dealt with was of the view that it didn’t cover the fact that the school had organised the trip! The form was sent anyway with all the supporting documents and we had to provide a covering letter, there and then, stating that we were aware that we may have to provide further information and would do so if contacted by the Indian Consulate. Having said that we weren’t contacted by the Consulate and the visa was issued.

    1. Dear Neil – thank you for your thorough feedback, I think this will be very useful for other parents. It’s comforting to know that the authorities were not just awkward with me! (although, next time, I might choose somewhere a little less complicated – like Stonehenge!)

  13. I’ve just noticed that India has a closed currency. Does that mean the girls will have to take Sterling and change it at the airport on arrival. If you mentioned it at the meeting last week I’m sorry but I was at the back and couldn’t hear everything.

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