Sad Saturday

It’s been a long day… And it’s not over yet. But we have arrived at Heathrow safe and sound and now we begin the long coach journey back to Altrincham. Hopefully the girls will get some sleep on the coach.  See you all soon! 

Final Friday

A 5am wake up call greeted the girls today – though some members of staff weren’t too impressed and one or two took a bit longer to get out of bed. *cough* Mr Davenport.  But, after a quick cup of coffee and some water splashed on the face, we were ready to face the morning […]

Torrential Thursday

The day started in the early hours for many – constantly being awoken by the shaking of the train, the departing passengers singing as they left or the selling of chai tea up and down the aisles as people tried to sleep. Still, spirits were not dampened, and as we pulled into Varanasi at 10am, […]

Wet Wednesday

The sky was lit up last night as we experienced the first thunder storm of the week. Though many slept through, a few were woken by the tumultuous sounds of thunder and the rain hammering at the Windows. By morning time however, the rain had disappeared and the sun was shining. And so, we faced […]

Travelling Tuesday

Today has mostly been a day of travelling. After a bit of a lie in the morning we boarded the coaches to begin the long journey to Agra. Now, I’m not sure what the boring lot in coach two were doing, but we in coach one had our very own AGGS radio station courtesy of […]

Monday in India

A very busy day three for us here in Jaipur – after a six thirty wake up call, the girls were greeted with another amazing breakfast in the latest hotel, though there were quite a few needing a cup of coffee! We moved straight onto a visit to the Amer Fort – via elephants! Although […]

Namaste India

✈️ We have arrived! After a long wait in the airport where we had dinner, we were treated to even more food on the plane, snacks, drinks and breakfast and it’s safe to say we landed very full indeed!  We all managed to change our money, after an hour at the airport organising ourselves, and […]

3 hours to departure

   We have arrived at Heathrow successfully after a pleasant 4 hour coach trip. All pupils enjoying dinner before our departure on the Virgin Dreamliner! 18 months of planning and a lot of paperwork later we are 12 hours away from glorious, glorious India!

Emergency contact

Dear all If you have to contact the group/your daughter in an emergency, please use the number below: School mobile number for India: 07817475095 Please be reminded that this is only in an emergency and you should receive regular updates via this blog in the interim. Many thanks, Mr Davenport.

3 days to go!

I hope you are all packed and excited. We look forward to seeing you at 11:15-30 on Friday.  You can keep up to date with our journey through India via this blog and the AGGS RS page @aggsrs.  Happy packing!