Mustard Tree – another Charity for Charity Day

Mustard Tree: Combatting Poverty - Preventing HomelessnessPoverty and homelessness in Greater Manchester are some of the main issues our city is trying to combat. But still 600,000 people and 9100 children live in poverty and it remains a primary challenge. Mustard Tree is a brilliant charity which since 1994 has transformed the lives of people in Greater Manchester who are trapped in poverty or homelessness. The charity really makes a difference to these people’s lives making them feel human and worthwhile once again. They provide them with well needed food parcels and furniture and help those who are struggling to gain the skills and self-confidence they need to reach their full potential. They provide them with job opportunities and programs which enable them to independently gain employment in the future. The money we raise as a school will really help this fantastic charity to successfully do this and help more disadvantaged people of our community in the future.