D&T folder design competition!

We only have 7 weeks until we finish for the summer holidays! With this in mind, we are already getting busy for September and the new Year 7s that will be coming into D&T.

Two years ago we introduced our D&T folders that include designs created by current students at AGGS. Miranda, currently in Year 11 and Chimno , currently in Year 9, have been the last two winners for their bold and creative designs.

The department are running the competition again this year and if you are selected, your design will be screen printed onto over 100 folders for the new Year 7!  There will be other prizes including a Trafford Centre voucher for the winner.

Entries should be handed into Mrs Lovelady by 23rd June, in F6. Here are some requirements for the design…

  • Include an element from each area of D&T (Textiles, Food and Product Design)
  • Include ‘D&T’ somewhere on the design
  • Make sure it is simple- it is difficult to print when very complicated
  • Don’t include colour- It will only be printed in one colour
  • Do the design on A4 paper

Try to make your design as creative as possible! We are looking for something new so don’t just copy one of the existing designs. Site such as Pinterest are great for inspiration. Follow this link to see some logo designs…

Pinterest logo designs

Above: Last two years designs by Miranda and Chimno