Islam Awareness Week 27th of March to 2nd of April 2017

Islam Awareness Week is from Monday 27th of March to Sunday 2nd of April.

It will be celebrated across the country with its main aim being to promote social cohesion and discover similarities rather than dwell upon differences. To participate, AGGS’ Islamic Society is hosting a week of activities on the last week of term to encourage both staff and pupils to ask and learn about Islam as well as clear up any misconceptions.

The timetable of activities is:

Day Activity Location
Monday 27th Calligraphy Room 9
Tuesday 28th Try On A Hijab Room 9
Wednesday 29th Muslim Food Main Hall
Thursday 30th Islamic Quiz Room 9
Friday 31st Mehndi Main Hall

Our aim is to create a comfortable environment where each person is welcome to ask questions, take part and enjoy themselves!

Please encourage everyone to get involved, spread the message and join in whenever you can!