Design a Dessert Competition

Design a Dessert - 1st place

This week, Wednesday 8th February, was the opening night of “Fireworks” the new dessert restaurant in Altrincham, next to the cinema. As the three winners of the design a dessert competition that took place in school this term, Sophia, Jenny and Jemima were all invited to this launch event. Sophia, as the overall winner, was asked to cut the ribbon to open the restaurant officially. The three girls were accompanied by their parents and teachers. We had a lovely evening tasting all the delights of the new menu and the chefs created the desserts the girls had designed for them to try. Thank you to all those who entered. The level of effort that went in to all the designs was fantastic and the quality of the work outstanding..

Design a Dessert - 2nd place
Design a Dessert – 2nd place
Design a Dessert - 3rd place
Design a Dessert – 3rd place