70+ girls took part in the Manchester Indoor Rowing competition at Levenshulme High School, on Tuesday. Last year we only took a few rowers but this year so many girls wanted to be involved, that we entered four year 10 teams, five year 9 teams, three year 8 teams and four year 8 teams. In total there were 283 teams (1132 individuals) from Manchester, Stockport and Trafford.

Each team of four rowed for 8 minutes (4 minutes for each rower). As there was no changeover time the girls had to find their own way of changing the rower in the shortest time possible. They had to see how many metres they could row in the allotted time. The winning teams in each age group qualify for the county final after Christmas. Date TBC.

The results were amazing. Each year group won their competition with one of their teams for Trafford.

Years 10 : Phoebe, Zoe, Laura and Leah (2005 metres)

Year 9 : Ellie, Dani, Milan and Millie ( 1959 metres)

Year 8 : two teams had the same winning distance : 1751 metres. Unfortunately we can only enter one team in the county final so Mrs Finch is going to have a selection headache!!!!! Charlotte, Nielja, Beth and Holly and Neave, Alicia, Anna and Mila.

Year 7 : Kirsten, Selin, Phoebe and Eloise

Well done to everyone who rowed and good luck in the next round. It now becomes serious so teams need to get together and practice if they are to do themselves justice in the event.

One of the year 9 teams
One of the year 8 winning teams
The winning year 10 team
Year 8’s again
The winning year 7 team