Bringing The Ledge to life…

You may have heard some talk about ‘The Ledge’ – the current renovation project that the PTA is raising funds for. We hope you have anyway, since your valuable input has helped shape the project via the school council. But we’re finding that some mums, dads and carers don’t seem to know much about it, so we wanted to share a little update with you all on this exciting project.

So, first things first, what’s it all about? The Ledge is the name that’s been given to the outdoor space we’re going to makeover, that runs from the car park entrance up to school. It may not look like much at the moment, but we really believe that with a little work, this could be a much more attractive part of the school grounds and, crucially, once covered, an additional area for girls to use at break and lunch.

It’s a big space though, at around 17 metres long, so it’s not cheap. We’ve looked at a number of options but we’ve now found the company we’re going to use, and the cost for the initial phase will be £20,000. Sounds a lot, yes, but if you divide it by around 1250 girls it’s just £16 each. That said, it’s taken us about 18 months to raise this, whilst still continuing to support other funding requests such as new food processors for food tech lessons, new flooring for the dance studio, entrance fees for enterprise challenge schemes and much more.

So here’s what it looks like now:


And here’s what we hope it will look like after:


The good news is we have the money for phase one and we’ll be getting it underway in August, ready for use in September for the coming academic year.

But we’ll need your help to complete it with the flooring and mosaic which will cost up to £15,000 more.  Help us make that happen by making a donation to The Ledge. To pledge your support email:

Richard Sawyer, who has been our chairman for many years and is now retiring, has worked closely with the school council to take the feedback of all students into account and said: “As I come to the end of my tenure as chairman of the PTA, I’m absolutely delighted to see The Ledge come to life. I’ve been really proud to work with the staff, pupils and parents at AGGS to make this a reality and it’s a great legacy to leave behind. I hope that parents will continue to support the PTA next year to complete the project, so that it becomes an even better space for the girls to enjoy during break times.”