The year 9 team
The year 9 team with their gold medals
Jessica with her bronze medal
The year 8 team
 The Year 9 and 8 rowers had qualified for the Greater Manchester School Games finals in Wigan today, after winning the Trafford round of the competition before half term.

A couple of the Year 8 team row out of school but the other rowers were just fit and strong games players!!!!

There were two events for each team : an individual event and a team event.

The team event was the first to take place.

Year 8. : In the individual event the girls had to row for 3 minutes and the results were based on how far they rowed in this time. Kitty Hamer came 7th. :  Millie Pearce 8th. :  Ellie Fitchett 9th and Dani Gallagher 21st. In the team event which was a 6 minute race where each girl rowed as far as possible in one and a half minutes, the  girls rowed really well to finish 4th, just outside the bronze medal position with 1,416 metres.                                                     

Year 9. :  This time in the individual event the girls had to row for 4 minutes each and again the distance covered was recorded. Phoebe Sullivan-Jones came 14th. :  Zoe Rontree 7th. :  Laura Mallinder 4th and Jess McDowell came an amazing 3rd, winning the gold medal. Laura then had to leave for a netball tournament so Leah Haigh took her place in the team event. Again it was a 6 minute race, with each girl rowing for one and a half minutes. The girls were a amazing and finished in first place, winning the gold medal. 

Congratulations to both teams for such fantastic results. Not bad as we do not have any rowing machines at school!!! They did, however have some practice time down at Altrincham Leisure Centre first thing in the morning before school!!!!!